Anything for an A is a 700+ page suspense and erotica novel that was finally published November 1, 2019. It follows Kelsey Smith, an 18 year old senior in high school as she tries to buckle down and get straight A’s for her entire high school career so that she can get the A-plus scholarship and a free ride to collage. Without the scholarship, she can’t afford to attend college. Complicating factors is the fact that Greg, her ‘uncle’ won’t let her live in his house after she graduates high school. Fearing that she’ll end up homeless, she’s ready and willing to do anything it takes to ensure that she gets straight A’s for her last remaining semester and gets all her previous grades changed to A’s. To do this, she may have to consider performing acts that she wouldn’t normally do.


With time running out, 18-year-old senior, Kelsey, must get straight A’s  to qualify for a scholarship to college. After living several years on the street with her poverty riddled parents, in by a man she calls Uncle Greg, but he only agreed to house her until she graduated from high school. With four weeks left, Kelsey has to prove that she has a 4.0 graduating GPA  to get a free ride to college via an exclusive scholarship, and that means getting straight A’s her final semester and somehow convincing the teachers to change her previous grades. If she can’t do it, she knows she’ll end up back on the street.

In a high school that's better known for it's scandals and internal investigations than for it's high acedemic achievement, high school senior, Kelsey Smith, has her work cut out for her if she plans to take home the A-Plus Scholarship so she can get a free ride to college.

Disadvantaged due to her upbringing on the street and missing years of primary schooling, Kelsey just doesn't know enough of the material to get straight A's, but she does know how to manipulate her friends into doing her homework, and she likes to think she'd good at giving the men what they want. Can she turn her orgasmic skills into straight A's? She only has four weeks to make it happen! Otherwise, she could find herself back out on the street!

Sexy high school fantasy
Anal, Oral and Vaginal Sex
Forbidden Sex
Teacher/ Student Sex

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