Do you need a way to schedule your monthly posts to Twitter rapidly and either free or at an extremely low monthly cost? If you answered yes, you may like Twuffer. Twuffer was aptly named to be a cross between Twitter and Buffer. In fact, when you first open the site, it says: OMG! It’s a Twitter Buffer! They currently have 475,000 users, and the site has sent out more than 42.2 million Tweets. However, it’s important to note that it only supports Twitter.

Twuffer Plans

Twuffer has two plans, including free and paid.

Free Plan

  • Up to 50 scheduled Tweets per month (I’ve never been limited, so unless they’ve recently changed the algorithm, all you’re going to get is a popup asking you to switch to the paid plan.)

  • Upload Images for every post

  • Manage 1 Twitter Account

  • Share links with every post


Paid Plan

  • $5.99 per month or $60 per year (This makes them one of the most affordable auto schedulers available)

  • Everything in the free plan

  • Manage more than 1 Twitter account

  • Schedule bulk tweets with a spreadsheet

Schedule Posts Rapidly with the Manual Scheduler

The goal of social media auto schedulers is to be able to schedule posts rapidly and ahead of time in order to keep your feed moving and save you time. However, if you’ve ever tried this, you may find it extremely time-consuming. In fact, it can take hours and even days to schedule your feed for the entire month. Thankfully, there are ways you can increase the speed of this process.

1. Create a Document for your Tweets

When it comes to scheduling tweets rapidly via Twuffer’s manual scheduler (or any manual scheduler), it’s best to simply create a document with all your Tweets for the day or month. I schedule mine every 24 to 48 hours, then I repeat the posts on that list so that they cycle every X number of days. For Twuffer, you can schedule a repeating cycle every 24 hours.

Tweet Example:


12:05 AM

How to Efficiently Query an Agent

If you’re an author that’s just finished their book, you might be thinking about sending query letters to agents...

#submitting #writing #amwriting #query


12:35 AM

Benefits of Being an Independent Fiction Author

There are many benefits of writing, editing, formatting and promoting your own fiction novels. The biggest benefit is that you are in complete control...

#writing #publishing #indieauthor


Understanding the Document Format

When creating your document of tweets, it’s important to note the time. This isn’t because you need the time in your tweet. It’s because you need to know when you planned to schedule it so that you can input the time in the manual scheduler. it’s also great if you have to stop in the middle of your tweet scheduling and do something else. By noting where you stopped, you can pick up where you left off.

The lines are so that you know the beginning and end of each tweet. This makes copying and pasting faster. 

Include a link when you want to send your followers to an informative website, like your author website or where your books are published.

There’s no image link because you should need to include images, and if you want to include images, you will have to upload them separately. However, uploading images will slow this process down, so if you want to do this rapidly, skip the added images. Twitter will automatically pull an image from the website, assuming there is an image and the site owner has optimized the site for social media posting.


2. Click on Schedule a Tweet

Click on Schedule a Tweet. This will pull up the text box. Next, copy your tweet and paste it in the box. Choose your preferred date and time. Click on the green Schedule.


3. Rapidly Schedule

Once you copy your tweet, it’s in your computer’s clipboard. Now, click on New Tweet in the top right corner. It’s green. Paste your tweet. Twuffer will hold your time, so just choose your new date. This is easiest and fastest if you’re scheduling your tweets on a repeating 24-hour cycle, but you can schedule the tweet for whichever dates you prefer.


4. Move to Your Next Tweet

Once you’ve scheduled your first tweet for the days you wish it to appear, copy your next tweet. Choose your new date and time. Paste your tweet and schedule it. Then, create a new tweet. Paste your text, choose your date and schedule it. You will repeat this cycle for all your tweets until you’ve completed your list of tweets. This tactic should allow you to schedule your tweets extremely rapidly with Twuffer’s manual scheduler.

Scheduling Twuffer with the Spreadsheet

If you decide to go with Twuffer’s bulk upload option, you’ll need to turn your document into a spreadsheet. Since there isn’t a way to convert a document into a properly formatted spreadsheet, you’ll have to do this manually.

1. Open Your Spreadsheet Program

Preferably, you want a spreadsheet program that is located on your computer. If you choose to do this in Google Sheets, you will have to download the spreadsheet to your computer. I use LibreOffice, but you can use Word and OpenOffice or any other spreadsheet program where you can save it as a .CSV file.

2. Create Your Spreadsheet

A very basic spreadsheet has a column for the date and time and a column for the text and link of the tweet.


09/14/2019 01:35 AM | The tweet and link go here

09/14/2019 02:35 AM | The tweet and link go here

09/14/2019 03:35 AM | The tweet and link go here

The bad news is that I’ve never used Twuffer’s bulk upload option, and I’ve seen several formats for the date and time. Hootsuite uses the above format, but eClincher uses 2019-09-14 01:35 AM. I would recommend looking up the exact format for Twuffer before creating your bulk upload spreadsheet. You’ll also want to check any limitations Twuffer has per spreadsheet. Hootsuite limits bulk uploads to 350 at a time. Eclincher allows you to upload as many sheets as you like, but each sheet is limited to 100 posts.

3. Upload Your Spreadsheet

Once your spreadsheet is finished, save it as a .CSV file and upload it to the platform. If you used Google to create your spreadsheet, you will have to download it to your computer before you can upload it to Twuffer.


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