In uncertain times, especially when our normal routines have been thrown into chaos, it’s important to find a new routine for your daily life. For most people, writers included, your routine probably involved getting up in the morning, drinking copious amounts of coffee, going to work or school, getting lunch out, working the rest of the day, going home, taking a shower, making dinner and enjoying a few hours of freetime before bed. If you can’t go out and all of your family members are at home 24 hours a day, you probably feel out of sorts and out of control of your life. Finding a new routine can help you.


1. Morning

It’s still important to maintain a morning routine in order to get your day started and on the right path, especially if you suddenly find yourself at home all day. Get up at a reasonable hour. Drink your coffee. Make a home cooked breakfast. If you are now homeschooling your children, get your children started on their day. Next, figure out your business. If you are now working from home, go ahead and login and get your morning work done. If you have nothing to do, it’s time to figure out your business. If you’re an author, your business is writing your next book. While in self-isolation or quarantine, get your book done. If you have a website, make your website your business. Update your blog, rewrite your service pages

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2. Afternoon

Each lunch. One of the biggest benefits right now is that you’re able to eat homecooked meals for every meal. This means you can work on your cooking. Lunchtime (okay, noon is really my breakfast), I eat and turn on the news for the coronavirus updates. I watch it while I eat. Once I’m done eating, I leave it on and return to my office. It’s time for the second half of the day. If you’re an author, continuing working on your book. If you have a website, continue upgrading your website.

3. Evening

If you used to go to the gym or a cardio class after work, there’s no reason to change this. Self-isolation doesn’t mean you have to stay in your home all day (unless you’re sick and actually in quarantine). You can go outside for a walk. You can order gym equipment and setup a home gym. We may be in this thing for a while, so a home gym may benefit you in the short and long term.

Once you are finished working out, make dinner. After dinner, your routine shouldn’t be much different than it was before you were sent home to stay safe and healthy.

4. Night

You should still go to bed at a reasonable hour. Eventually, you will go back to your day job, so you should strive to maintain your normal sleep schedule.

By creating a new routine for your daily life, you will be doing your physical and mental health some good. Most people thrive on routine, and the sooner you can find a new routine for yourself and your family, the better you’ll feel and the more productive you’ll be.


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