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Plot Driven and Character Driven 

There is a process involved in the preplanning stages of every plot driven book. It is important to understand the difference between plot driven and character driven. A character-driven story may deal with transformations and relationships among the characters in the story. The plot in a character-driven story is, often, simple and it may focus on struggles among the characters. Defining a plot driven book is simplified because the characters have various actions that have resulted in the plot of a story. The plot-driven book or story takes the action of a character and will have a result from the action or the event of a character. Keep in mind, a great character will need a great plot. The plot of any book is driven by the actions of the characters. 


Defining Goals 

The plot driven book will need an outline that clearly defines your goals for your book. Defined goals keep writers focused and will foster a completed, polished plot driven book. A clear and focused outline will help you to list the key points, give your book a direction, provide a theme for your book and keep the writing flow moving. 

Steps and Story Structure 

A good story, typically, has a structure and it has five basic action stages weaved into it. The creation of a plot driven book often incudes the following five steps during the preplanning process: 

1. set the scene; the exposition 
2. build up some tension; rising action 
3. add excitement; there ought to be a climax 
4. tie up the loose ends; falling action 
5. an ending; resolution for the plot 

An Interesting Plot 

An interesting plot will be weaved into any type of plot driven book. A good plot will have a sequence of events. It will offer answers for the reasons and happenings within the story. It will answer the question "why" and it will draw a reader into the lives of the characters. Part of the preplanning stage will be a plot to arrange the story elements.

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