Important Pre-Planning Stages of Writing a Character Driven Book
When starting a character driven novel it is important to plan and organize your thoughts and ideas before starting to actually write. You want to develop a solid plan of action and know where you want to go with the story line before beginning to formally write. When beginning to plan the stages of a character driven book it is significantly important to include you vision for each character and really plan out your outcomes and plot prior to writing the first chapter. 

Character Development 

Character development will be the most important goal that you will want to establish early on in the book if your aiming to write a character driven novel. You should start with your main character or your antagonist and begin creating their personality and come up with the type of persona you want them to have. Map out the inspirations and goals of your character and first determine what drives your character to do the things they do. You will want to come up with a clear vision of the character and really be able to write from their perspective before starting the writing process. 

Create and Envision Supporting Characters 

The next step would be to list the supporting characters that you want to include and that will be playing a big role in your main characters life. Start with the next prominent character after your main character and then follow the list from there. After you have created personalities and goals for each character, you can then begin a plan for where and how they fit into your main characters life and the adventures that you want to take with them. 
Writing a character driven book is a challenging but rewarding experience and if planned and organized properly it can really be a show stopper and outshine other books in every genre. Plan, envision and create and you will be successful when writing your character driven novel!
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