When writing a novel there are many steps involved in order to get the perfect end result of a completed and entertaining novel. You first have to plan and write the first draft of your novel but that is only half of the work, you then have to approach the second draft of your novel and really make sure it is completed and everything is in order before being sent to the publisher. 

Re-reading and Refreshing Yourself on the Story

The best method of approaching your second draft of your novel is to refresh yourself and reread the first draft first so that you are fully aware and prepared when starting the second draft. After re-reading make sure to sit back and take time to contemplate what you wrote and really dissect what you like and dislike about your novel that way you can make any necessary adjustments prior to even starting your second draft. After you read through it and came up with a plan of action as to what you want to change and what you would like to keep with your novel, you can then begin to write your second draft of your novel confidently. 

Take Time Away and Come Back to the Novel

Sometimes taking a break from your work and then coming back to it is the best approach to completing a novel. Your brain gets bogged down with information and it can get hard to keep focus when your staring at the same thing for too long. If you walk away from the novel after completing your first draft and then come back to it at a later time, you may be allowing yourself enough time to refresh which in turn will keep your mind sharp and you will have a better view on it when you start the second draft. 

Get A Second Opinion First

Finally, a great approach to take when starting your second draft of a novel is to simply get a second opinion first before you go ahead and write a second draft. Sometimes being the original writer of a novel can lead you to be biased about the story plot and not really see the story as others will, that is why it is important to get a second set of eyes on all of your work. Find a good writer whom you know and trust to be honest with you or even a friend to look over your first draft before you begin writing a second. 

Utilizing these approaches to starting a second draft of a novel can help keep you motivated and keep the writer's block away so that you can feel confident and comfortable with the novel you are publishing.



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