Free Social Media Schedulers

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your social media posts, a social media scheduler can make the task easier. Here’s a list of completely free social media schedules: IE: Not a free option. Just free.

woopsocial1. WoopSocial

WoopSocial is the most comprehensive of this list. They allow you to schedule Twitter and Facebook posts as well as Instagram posts if you can get your Instagram account to link to the site. I have yet to be able to successfully get my Instagram account to link, and I’ve probably tried 50 times over the last several months.



Pros of WoopSocial

  • No limit to scheduled Tweets

  • Scheduler is reasonably easy to use

  • They offer detailed analytics in their paid plan

Cons of WoopSocial

  • Their scheduler has a tendency to go down, so it’s good to have a backup plan.

  • No bulk upload feature




2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is actually owned by Twitter. They purchased it in 2011, so it’s fully integrated into the Twitter platform, which makes it more stable than other social media schedulers. The downside is that it only works for Twitter. To get posts to other social media platforms, you’ll have to use something like IFFIT.



Pros of TweetDeck

  • Completely Free

  • Schedule Unlimited Tweets

  • Schedule Tweets for Multiple Twitter Accounts

  • See other Twitter things, like Notifications and Activity


Cons of TweetDeck

  • Scheduler is Clunky. Time and Date Don’t Hold, so it’s a lot of clicking to schedule a post.

  • You’ll need to do something else if you want to schedule to Facebook, Instagram and Pininterest

  • No Bulk Uploader – Scheduling for the entire month is probably not feasible due to the time it would take to schedule hundreds of tweets.


Unfortunately, these are the only two completely free, unlimited social media scheduling options that I have been able to find. I recommend WoodSocial over TweetDeck just because it’s more versatile, and the scheduling platform is much easier to use (when it works). As of this post, WoopSocial’s scheduler has been down for five days. The exact problem is that the “schedule” button lags between posts, so you have to refresh the entire page for every social media post. Hopefully, they will fix this in the coming week.

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