When we last left Avia and Benton at the end of AVIA II, Benton was on his way to the hospital after being shot in the shoulder, and Avia had jut been kidnapped by the Sanchez. AVIA III promises more hardship and more struggling as these criminals attempt to do what they do best – crime. Of course, Locke is still determined to see Avia and Benton behind bars for the rest of their lives, and the Sanchez still want to see the Company out of business, but will they all succeed? 

AVIA III is currently sitting at 92,382 words with an estimated release date of March 1, 2020.

Book Blurb

Kidnapped by the Sanchez, thrown into the backseat of a black Cadillac and hit in the head, Avia is on her own when it comes to escaping her captors and returning to her uncle’s La Pryor ranch. However, she is determined to escape from the blood-covered backseat and disgusting garage where Xavier and Jamie Sanchez have decided to hide after realizing their car’s radiator is leaking.

In the meantime, Benton has been rushed to the hospital suffering from a deep bullet wound to the shoulder. Upon waking from surgery, he is dismayed to learn that Avia is still missing. He demands to be released in order to find her but is refuted by Brian, who tells him that he must stay in the hospital until he’s healed enough to go home. In an effort to calm Benton and to alleviate his own fears about where Avia is and what might be happening to her, he tells Benton that he will go look for her.

Unbeknownst to Benton, Brian has ulterior motives for finding Avia. Her kidnapping has brought to the forefront a barrage of emotions that the Company hitman has yet to deal with, but one thing is certain, he can’t stand the thought of losing Avia.


Enjoy This Early Draft Sample Chapter of What’s Coming in AVIA III



Benton opened his eyes to view a white ceiling. He turned his head. He was connected to a heart monitor, oxygen and an IV. He could feel a catheter suck up his penis, draining his urine. For a second, he couldn’t remember where the hell he was. Then, he remembered Grant called for a damned ambulance, and he was now at the hospital.

Benton cursed. he knew someone was standing at his left side, but the profile was too big to be Avy. "Where's Avy?"

"We're looking," Grant said.

"You haven't found her yet?" Benton asked. "What time is it and how long have I been here?"

Grant check his watch. "Nine, and about six hours. You got out of surgery about an hour ago."

“That’s long enough. Avy needs me.” Benton braced himself with his good hand so he could sit.

“After you’re healthy and healed.” Grant put a hand in the middle of Benton’s chest to stop him from sitting.

Benton looked at Grant. "I've got to get out of here and look for her."

"Don't," Grant said as he reached over and hit the button to move the top of the bed to a sitting position. "You're going to be here for a few days. Your shoulder was damned near desrtoyed by that bullet. You're lucky you didn't lose your damned arm."

"I can't find Avy if I'm in here," Benton said. "They could be in Mexico by now."

“We haven’t seen them leave the county. My men are all over the surrounding interstates and almost going door to door in Pryor and Uvalde. L’s even sent men up here to look. We have it handled,” Grant said.

Benton brought his good hand to his eyes. “Damnit.”

“She’s smart, Benton. She’s not going to let them take her to Mexico,” Grant said. “She’ll call us. We’ll find her, or she’ll steal a car.”

Benton half-smiled. “Yeah, she has a penchant for stealing cars.” He grimaced a second later.

“They have you on a morphine drip.” Grant handed him the button. “You push that. I think you can hit it once every 15 minutes. I’ve been hitting about every 30 minutes for you.”

“Thanks,” Benton said as he pressed the button. “You said L’s men are searching. Where’s L?”

“Still in McAllen,” Grant said. “But he said he’s on his way as soon as they get the house cleaned from Locke’s fucked up raid and that storm.”

"He won't come up here," Benton said. "I'd bet money on that."

"So would I, but that's what he said," Grant said.

"Have you seen Locke?" Benton asked.

"We expect him sooner rather than later, but I haven't seen him yet," Grant said. "Speaking of that, I've got to leave here in a few and clean up my ranch in case he shows up there."

"Where's the van?" Benton asked.

"Hidden, but I think I need to get rid of it entirely," Grant said.

"That's probably best," Benton said. "The stuff inside needs to go too."

"Is there anything important?" Grant asked.

“Brian would be able to make a better determination than me,” Benton said. “I think the papers can be burned. Everything else… Technically, we’re going to need it again.”

“I’ll see what I can salvage," Grant said.

“You’ll have to do the same,” Benton said. “If you expect him up here.”

Grant furrowed a brow. Benton was right. If Locke showed up at the ranch, they’d have to hide or destroy their own computers and records. “I’m going to call Marie as soon as I get to my car,” Grant said. “She’ll make it go away.”

Benton nodded. He had no doubts that Grant’s wife would make it disappear. “What about my lawyer?”

“Mr. Brown’s down in the cafeteria eating dinner. He’ll be back up to sit with you.”

“Goddamn. What is he charging for that?” Benton asked.

“Three-hundred an hour,” Grant said. “I wrote him a check. Bought him for today and tomorrow. Just in case.”

“I’ll pay you back,” Benton said.

“We’ll talk money when you’re home with us,” Grant said. “But if you’re going to do what I think you’re going to do, we might just call it even.”

“Have you talked to Brian?” Benton asked.

“Yeah, I talked to Brian while you were in surgery. He asked if I was on-board with certain plans.  I am, and he should be here any time.”

Benton nodded.

“Get some rest. I’ll be back tomorrow,” Grant said.

“I appreciate it,” Benton said.

Grant exited the hospital room and walked down the hall towards the elevators. He pressed the down button and waited. The elevator car was empty when the doors opened. Grant stepped inside and pressed the first floor button.

When the doors opened, he saw Brian waiting. “Benton’s expecting you,” Grant said as he stepped out of the elevator.

“Is he awake?” Brian asked.

“Woke up about 30 minutes ago. I need to go to do some cleaning at the ranch.” Grant winked.

“All right. I should be at the ranch later,” Brian said. “Have they found Avy?”

“Not yet,” Grant said.

“Well shit,” Brian said. “Does Benton know?”

"He knows. First question he asked,” Grant said.

“Fuck,” Brian said. “How’s he handling that?”

“As well as he can,” Grant said and shrugged.

Brian started to take a step toward the elevator. "I should be at the ranch a bit later. I'm going to look for her tonight."

"Avia?" Grant asked.

"Yeah. I want to see how Benton is doing, but I also want to catch those fuckers and bring Avy home."

"Avy?" Grant questioned. "Something going on, Brian? Benton usually calls her that."

"I call her Avy sometimes," Brian said.

"Let me know when you get into La Pryor," Grant said.

"I will," Brian said. He stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for Benton's floor.

When the doors opened, he stepped out and walked down to Benton's room. Brian half-hoped that Benton was asleep, so he could leave for La Pryor to find Avy. Instead, he found Benton sitting up and watching TV when he peered through the glass. 

Brian opened the door and walked into the room. "Sorry, I missed the party."

"We could have used you," Benton said.

"I heard they were armed to the teeth," Brian said.

"they had a few guns," Benton said. "And one of those bastards got lucky."

"I see that," Brian said. "How are you feeling?"

"I've felt better," Benton said. "But I still hope to get out of here quickly so I can find Avy."

"You need to rest and heal and let us find her," Brian said.

"Have you heard anything?" Benton asked.

"Nothing new," Brian said. "But i"m going over there to look."

"Tonight?" Benton asked.

"Yes," Brian said. "But is anyone here to sit with you?"

"My lawyer," Benton said. "He's supposedly down in the cafeteria. He should be up here in a few minutes."

"That's not ideal," Brian said. "I guess there isn't anyone else though, is there?"

"Grant and Marie are cleaning up their ranch. Avy is missing. L won't come up here. And I don't care what anyone says, and I don't want to talk to him. You're going to go look for Avy."

"I guess that's everyone that matters," Brian said. "Do you need me to stay?"

"I want you to find Avy," Benton said. "I'm going to be here regardless of who's here with me."

"I'll leave as soon as your lawyer gets back," Brian said.

"I appreciate it," Benton said.  "She means a lot to me."

"I know she does." Brian walked over and sat down in one of the hospital lounge chairs.

"How long was Locke in McAllen?" Benton asked.

"I have no idea. I never saw him," Brian said. "I can't confirm he was there. I can confirm, there were cops, and we were fucking raided. But I never saw Locke, and I never heard his voice."

"He might have had the McAllen police perform the raid for him. He's out of his jurisdiction," Benton said.

"That fucker is chasing us from Michigan," Brain said.

"He's got something against us personally," Benton said.

"I'm starting to believe it," Brian said. "Who's working on that?"

"The Vitali's," Benton said.

"I'll keep my ears open," Brian said just as the door opened.

"Brian. Benton," Mr. Brown said. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired, but I'm on a mission," Brian said.

"As good as I'm going to for right now," Benton said.

"Mr. Brown, good to see you again. I've got to get down to La Prior. Do you have my phone number?"

"Has it changed since the Grand Rapid's case?" Brown asked.

"Nope. Same number," Brian said.

"I've got it," Brian said.

"Call me if you need something. I'm the only one that's sorta available tonight," Brian said.

"Will do," Brown said.

Brian walked out of the hospital room and took the elevator down to the first floor.  He stepped off, pleased that there were no cops in the lobby.

Five minutes later, he backed out of the parking space and drove through the large lot to the exit. Brian wanted to find Avy just as badly as Benton wanted her found.

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