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Avia Conn Bays 

Avia Conn Bays is a strong willed female who is not afraid of a challenge. She worked hard to create her own personality from the ashes of what her biological parents left her. She was adopted at a young age and raised by her adoptive family Victoria and L Bays. Avia has her pilots license and utilizes her refined skill set to deliver "packages" for large sums of money, standing in as her career and monetary source. Some may say she is a brash and difficult person to be with but that only makes her more intriguing! 




  • Date of Birth – 1976
  • Height – 5”6’
  • Weight – 85 – 110 pounds
  • Hair Color – Red
  • Eye Color – Green or blue, depends on the day
  • Location of Birth – Miami, Florida
  • Current Address – Sarasota, Florida
  • Biological Father – Unknown
  • Biological Mother – Unknown
  • Biological Siblings/ Family Members – None that she knows about
  • Adopted Father – L. Bays
  • Occupation – Pilot
  • Employer – The Company
  • Tattoos, Body Piercing and Body Modifications - None

Avia History
​Avia Bays was born I n 1976 in Miami, Florida.  Shortly after her birth, she was given up for adoption.  She remained in the foster care system until she was 6 years old.  At that time, she was adopted by Victoria and L. Bays and taken to Sarasota, Florida where she was home-schooled.  She began pilot training when she was 15 years old.  She attained her private pilot certificate when she was 16.  At 17 years of age, she achieved her instrument and commercial twin-engine ratings.  At 18, she became a CFII.



1. How did you land your Seneca in that rainstorm in Michigan?

Sideways.  Seriously, I thought Victor was going to piss his pants.  There was a ceiling of 500 feet and gusts to 30 knots.  The Seneca is equipped with GPS, long-range tanks, extra tanks and an auto pilot that can do everything but land the plane.  Once I plug in the coordinates, the plane pretty much flies itself.

2. Does your plane have onboard weather radar?

No.  There’s no point.  L won’t pay for it, and it doesn’t matter what the weather is, unless it’s a tropical storm or hurricane.  When the shit needs delivered, it needs delivered.  If I miss a drop, we lose money.

3. Is there ever a reason you won’t fly other than weather?

Duck tape solves most problems, but the mechanics will ground my plane on occasion for extensive damage.  Usually caused by the Sanchez.  I crashed so hard one time, they grounded me for six weeks due to a head injury.