1. How did you land your Seneca in that rainstorm in Michigan?

Sideways.  Seriously, I thought Victor was going to piss his pants.  There was a ceiling of 500 feet and gusts to 30 knots.  The Seneca is equipped with GPS, long-range tanks, extra tanks and an auto pilot that can do everything but land the plane.  Once I plug in the coordinates, the plane pretty much flies itself.

2. Does your plane have onboard weather radar?

No.  There’s no point.  L won’t pay for it, and it doesn’t matter what the weather is, unless it’s a tropical storm or hurricane.  When the shit needs delivered, it needs delivered.  If I miss a drop, we lose money.

3. Is there ever a reason you won’t fly other than weather?

Duck tape solves most problems, but the mechanics will ground my plane on occasion for extensive damage.  Usually caused by the Sanchez.  I crashed so hard one time, they grounded me for six weeks due to a head injury.

4. How did your stint in rehab affect your family business?

I don’t know.  I think they hired the Vitalis.  They have a leer jet, but they charge about $200,000 a delivery, so the loads have to be really big in order to keep our profit margins.

5. What’d you do while Benton was in prison?

I don’t remember.  Whatever it was, it earned me a year in rehab.  Someone said I overdosed.  I don’t believe it.  I don’t buy that laced shit.  In fact, we won’t even sell it.  If it’s laced with oxycodone or fentanyl, we won’t sell it.  It’s bad for business if your clients die.

6. What’s your biggest danger?  Cops or the Sanchez.

The Sanchez. 

They have ground to air weapons, and Jamie is one hell of a pilot.  Don’t tell her I said that, but we got into a dog fight a few years ago over Tennessee.  We were both at 1500 feet, and in Tennessee, at 1500 feet, you are trimming trees.  In some places, the mountains are higher than you are.  At that time, I didn’t have any weapons integrated into the plane.  I had a handgun in the cockpit with me.  And the only access point is a small portal in the pilot’s window.  I ended up shooting out the windshield and the copilot’s window of my own plane, because I couldn’t get a clear shot out of that portal.  Of course, by the time I got done shooting holes in my own plane, I had to reload.  She got a good couple shots on me, but I took out her left engine, and she gave up.

7. Did you make your delivery after that?

Yeah.  I was landing at a private grass strip.  When I got on the ground, I called the mechanics.  They sent a large truck up, took it apart and towed it back to Texas.

8. How do you avoid the law?

I don’t file flight plans, and I leave the transponder off.  That’s a bitch if you actually crash.  There are a lot of places that still don’t have cell service.  I had to land in a field in the middle of fucking nowhere Kentucky one time.  I ended up walking five miles to the nearest farmhouse.  It was so far out that he didn’t have a phone or cell service either.  He had to drive me 50 miles to the nearest town.  We spent a week getting the Seneca out of that field and back home.  We had an easier time getting a box truck in there so we could finish the delivery.

9. Did anyone take notice?

Moonshiners.  Hillbillies, but none of those guys are legal either.  So, none of us asked any questions.  We traded some rifles for moonshine, and everyone was happy.

10. What are your next plans?

​Take a Hawaiian vacation.  I need a break after that shit. Benton promised me a damned vacation, so he better make it happen.

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