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Benton Docks 

Benton Docks is a rough and tumble man with a past. He knows how to handle business whenever there is business that needs to be handled. His on-going intimate relationship with his adoptive sister causes a red flag to most people and is a constant demon he has to manage. Strong willed and able to deliver on promises are two of the reasons why he is so suited to be in the less than legal business he deals in. Not only is he an interesting character but also very unpredictable!



1. What’s it like flying with Avia?
I don’t know. It depends. Is she listening? It really depends on the day. Sometimes it’s fine. Sometimes it’s a shit your pants kinda thing.

2. Have you ever refused to fly with Avia?
No. That is the beginning of a months long argument that I am never in the mood for.

3. So does that mean you refused in the past?
I declined on time because I had to work. It wasn’t even a refusal. I had to work. I was due in Montana for some reason. She was due to fly to Kentucky or Tennessee. It was a four month fight. I think that was the time she crashed in the field.

4. How many times have you been arrested?
Oh shit. More times than I can count. I’m surprised I’m not in prison right now, but as for a number? Ten or fifteen.

5. What prompted you to send Avia to rehab?
She passed out in the prison while I was serving time for aggravated manslaughter. We didn’t send her to the hospital right then, but I called L, and we made arrangements to send her to a long-term treatment program.