If you love pictures of interesting places and architectural details and fiction written in first person, you'll love B.F. Spath's new metaphysical and visionary fiction novel, The Sun Temple.  Set in New York City, the main character finds himself miserable, paranoid, alone and poor with little hope of escape. 

The Sun Temple is best described in B.F Spath's own words:

A man is trapped in a dark and miserable NYC tenement, crippled by fears, isolation, and poverty. He has one thing going for him: he is a visionary! He escapes daily to Battery Park and the euphoria of life under the sun.By night he explores vast and opulent cities that extend as far as his imagination will take them. But when his energies wane, the great cities crumble and evaporate as he sinks back into squalor, despair, and darkness. 


The first person perspective of this work gives it a very interpersonal feel as if you were reading the thoughts and feelings of one of your closest friends after you stole their personal diary out of the back of their underwear drawer and stealthily took it home to read by flashlight in your darkened room.

One of The Sun temple’s strongest abilities is that it embodies the private hopelessness that we all feel in the deepest recesses of our beings, and you get to see this character deal with this is a very personal way. Not only do you get to read it, you can almost feel it in your own soul as you connect with the words, thoughts, feelings and actions of the main character.

It wraps up with only the vaguest sensation of hope. The main character isn’t completely whipped, but you can tell that he isn’t entirely free either.

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