On Fractured Ground came to me with a warning for sexual abuse and violence and overall dark sexual themes.  It lives up to that.  It is a variation on the sex trade industry in that it involves The Cellar Institute, which is a school that is specifically designed to groom girls to be sold for sex.  There's no way to sugar coat that.  This book's theme is sex slavery.  It's listed as a psychological thriller, but due to the overall theme and plot, it's also has elements of erotica, so this could also almost be considered an erotic psychological thriller.  Now, if you're looking for something that condemns the sex industry, this is not that book.

This book takes you into the world of The Cellar Institute, specifically Tylar and Chase's world.  Tyler is the 18 year old who is stuck at institute and desperately wants out, so much so that she abuses and manipulates her "trainers".  Chase is the man who agrees to train her for her last year so that she can be successfuly sold to some rich, older man, thus earning the family that owns The Cellar Institute money.  But oh wait, the current owner doesn't like this particular business his family owns.  This is a complication.  Tyler is also instantly attracted to this man and he to her.  So, there is plenty of sexual tension.  There's also the threat of dealth.  Unruley girls who refuse to particpate in their training aren't simply let go from the insitute.  They might talk about what goes on there.  Instead, they're killed.  Finding that an unpalatable solution for Tylar, the owner of the institute and Chase agree to retrain her for her final year so that they don't have to kill her and bury her in the woods.

Is it worth reading?  Absolutely.  In fact, if you don't want to read it in 24 hours, you'll probably have to pace yourself.  It is incredibly interesting.  It does have its slow points, but it doesn't tend to take long for it to pick back up.  This is probably on purpose to not overwhelm the reader.  To me, this is a five star book, but I happen to really like dark themed books where there are no good characters.  This fits the bill.  It's extremely well written and worth reading. I could not find much at fault.  In fact, there was so little that it's not even worth mentioning. The good news about this book is that it's the first in a series, so if you like this one, there will be more.

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