Travis by John Decarteret is a 303-page dark fantasy/horror novel published by Idle Sky Press. It starts with the birth of Travis Blackett, a son to Lord and Lady Blackett, except, Travis was born under unusual circumstances. Lord and Lady Blackett had made love years prior to the birth of Travis, and the seed rooted itself while Lord Blackett was away. In fact, it is the seed that becomes very important in this tale. For Travis is from a long line of descendants destined to produce the reincarnation of a very important member of the family. Of course, Travis does not remember his former life. It takes the smoke image of his former self to tell him all there is to know and set him on a journey that will change his life and the lives of his immediate family and descendants forever.

If you like dark fantasy, wizards, magic and hidden truths, you'll love Travis by John Decarteret. This novel promises to take you on a scary ride of magic and horror as Travis attempts to figure out just who he is and restore his family line (which is incredibly convoluted.) This is easily a 3-star book. It is apparent to me that the author spent an incredible amount of time on story and development in order to create his world.  For a debut novel, the author has chosen a really complex concept to try and articulate.

While this novel is decent for a debut novel, there are some things that may be confusing.  For example, this is a fantastical setting with Lords and Ladies and an obvious Noble class system.  However, the language of the book and the slang used in the dialogue is modern. This may throw some readers for a loop when trying to figure out the time period of this novel, and this may make the novel feel slightly disjointed.

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