Out of the Silence by Owen Mullen is a 286 page thriller that starts off more like  a family life drama than a revenge crime thriller. The clues that this might be a crime thriller filled with revenge occur in the Preface and Prologue, but Chapter 1 takes you back to the hometown of Jameel and Afra, who are integral to this story and the reason for the revenge slaughtering of the prestigious family. During these first several chapters, you learn of Afra and Jameel's home lives during their early years, what drives them and what pulls them apart. Without giving anything away, I can say it was a marriage for Afra and business and extended family for Jameel. However, the book moves fairly slowly until about Chapter 9. It is there where you start to see the negative turn in Afra’s life, and the entire story picks up steam. The crime/revenge thriller starts at Chapter 16. Form this point, it’s told in a mixed perspective. Partially in first person from Ralph Buchanan’s perspective, and then you’re still following Jameel’s journey as the investigative reporter tries to solve the crime of an honor killing.

I feel like this book has a range of stars. The first part is a solid 3 stars. It moves a bit slowly, but it’s information that you have to have in order to thoroughly understand the book and why the final chapters occur as they do. Part two is definitely four stars. Maybe even five stars.  I could read a whole book just based on the premise of part II. There’s really a lot of action, and you are certainly going to feel for the victim, especially if you’ve ever wanted to better yourself and find security and happiness only to find that the path chosen was the worst possible path.

The intermixing of first person in a 90% third person book isn't my thing, and that's how the final chapters flow - aternating between the detective in first person and Jameel in third person. I still liked following Jameel's path though.  Overall though, I'd say it's a very enlightening book. I can imagine that parts of this were difficult to write because they were certainly difficult to read. It shows some real horors that we all know to be true.

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