Two Come Carrie Tonight by Britni Pepper is a 55 page erotica novel that follows Nate and Carrie. Nate is a broke, severely in debt college student, and Carrie is an up and coming photographer. This steamy book follows them as they journey on their own paths across in New Mexico and eventually meet up under a bridge. After a few words and a few pictures, Carrie decides Nate’s Jeep is a better option when it comes to taking photographs of old bridges along Route 66.

In fact, while this may be an erotica book, the research performed on the setting and the highway are extremely good. As it the setup and growth of the characters. This book could have easily gone another 100 pages had the author decided to expand the growing relationship between Nate and Carrie. Of course, as promised, this book has graphic sex scenes that include actual sex as well as masturbation. This book is definitely worth the read if you’re old enough to purchase and read erotic stories. It’s a solid 3.5 stars. It would have ranked higher had it both been longer and included more sex scenes. With that being said, there were no glaring errors, and the book is extremely well written.

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