Dead End (Clown Conspiracy Book 1): A Short Thriller Kindle Edition

by Mallory Kelly

Dead End is a short, 48 page read by Mallory Kelly that can be found in the conspiracy thriller category, and it is book 1 in her Clown Conspiracy series of short, horrifying tales that are certain to keep you up at night. Dead End is set in a small Colorado town that receives more than its fair share of rain, and when detective's Carter and Shirley are all out to a cornfield to investigate reports of a body, they find one - still bleeding. Currently, as of the writing of this review, there are four books in this series and a four-book anthology that includes all four books. 

The first thing to note about Dead End is that it is an easy book to read. It flows smoothly and contains easy to read language, so there's no need for a thesaurus. The book opens quickly, starting off with dialogue between two security guards at an old haunted house that happens to be on the edge of a muddy cornfield While a dialogue opening for a book is not typically recommended, it works for this short story. In fact, did the guards not paying attention and playing cards instead of patrolling the grounds fail to prevent this murder?

The lucky winner of checking out the cornfield for trespassers falls to Jack, a temporary employee that was lucky to land the gig after spending some time working in a pig slaughterhouse. Of course, his current job choice may not be any safer. After slogging through a wet cornfield, falling in the mud and hearing ominous laughing in the darkness, he spots a still bleeding dead body with its throat cut. Yikes! It's too close to Halloween in this book for crazy laughing murderers in cornfields. talk about setting your nerves on fire.

Solving the crime and stopping the perpetrator falls to detectives Carter and Shirley, who must stop the murderous clown before he strikes again! Of course, solving the case is harder than it appears. It is, after all, a haunted house that already dripping with fake blood, and it appears the college students aren't terribly bright either. 

With that being said, Carter and Shirley are determined to find the killer before he/she strikes again, and that may just involve digging into the bowels of an Internet chat room full of...clowns? Did one of them commit the murder? Are they all committing murders? Are Shirley and Carl the next victims of this demented clown? You'll have to read to find out.

Overall, this is a pretty darned good read. It's fast-paced with plenty of action to keep you flipping the pages. The ending is also one you'll remember, and it may even entice you enough to pick up the next book in the series - Lock the Door.

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