You Wish is a 284 page coming of age fantasy book.  It has a wonderful premise in the fact that a high school freshman boy is able to make three wishes. Of course, we've all heard or read that tale.  The good news is that Mark's retelling is fairly unique.  After all, what's an awkward teenage boy going to wish for?  You can guess, right?

The book starts off with a baseball game, and if you didn’t read or pay much attention to the category, you might have a difficult time placing this book’s age bracket. I would recommend it for anyone over the age of 14. This is due to the curse words and frequent use of the word “dickweed”. So, it’s important to understand that this is not a book for a really young audience. No one wants their 10-year old walking around saying dickweed. (If this were a book for an adult audience, the language wouldn’t even make my radar.) 

I will say that the baseball game is fairly humorous in its content. I laughed more than once. However, it does start off fairly slowly with the baseball game and a visit to an old Victorian house in chapters one and two, then it switches perspectives to the adults in the teenagers’ lives. The meat of the story doesn’t really begin until chapter five when the teenagers finally discover the object of wishing (back at that old Victorian house). I won’t tell you what it is, but you can probably guess. 

All in all, Mark hits his age bracket with this book. It wasn’t quite my cup of tea due to the fact that I felt it read a little choppy, and there seemed to be too many creative insults. If you’ve ever seen Milo and Stitch, the insults are right along the level of “Stupid-head”. I just felt that at some point they really distracted from Mark’s talent in retelling this story. With that being said, I’m an adult reader, and the teenagers who read this book may laugh their asses off at them. After all, Lizard Breath, may become the new favorite high school ribbing. Is it worth reading? Absolutely. It is a unique retelling of the three wishes story and worth the time to read. This book resides somewhere between three and four stars.

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