chanceChance by Carolyn M. Bowen is a 256 page psychological thriller. It has an interesting premise. Sydney Jones (attorney) is in a relationship with her bodyguard (Walker) when he’s accused of murder. Instead of seeing his murder case unfold, he’s recruited by the CIA and taken away from Sydney.

It is a very interesting read and worth the time to read it. However, it’s worth noting that it covers an extremely long timeframe. In the first 50 pages, you’ll learn of the murder, Walker’s “disappearance”, Sydney’s pregnancy and birth! And some stuff with the Chinese mafia. Because it covers such a massive timeframe, it can feel like the book is being told to you rather than shown to you.

Unfortunately, being an author myself, that’s the only way to do it when you are covering months instead of days or weeks. I also felt like a lot of things were being skipped. However, this is book 2 of this series, so those items may have been covered in book 1. I don’t know. I got this as an advanced reader copy more than a year ago (Yes, I am that slow at reading.) and haven’t read book 1, so I can’t tell you for certain if some of the things I noticed being glossed over or skipped are actually in book 1 and dedicated readers of the series already know these things.

What I can tell you is that the characters are extremely likable, and the plot is interesting. I give this a good 3 stars out of 5. It’s also worth noting that you can read this as a stand-alone book. If you feel like there are gaps, it may be worth going back and reading book 1 to see if that information is there.

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