Benefits of Reading Sample Chapters Prior to Purchasing a New Book
Anybody who has ever gone to a book store or library has seen those people sitting around the buildings and reading a fiction book chapter after chapter. In some ways this seems as if this is a violation of the premises; one should surely buy or take out books before they read them extensively. However, there are some notable benefits to reading sample chapters of a book prior to purchasing it. 

Different readers have different preferences associated with the quality of the writing and tone of the novel. This is particularly true if a reader has not read a book by the same author. By sampling a few chapters of a book prior to buying you can truly see if it is the right book for you. 

Some readers are so prolific that they don't keep track of the books they read. They simply devour books. By reading a few sample chapters prior to buying, they can see if they have read the book before and avoid picking up the same book twice. 

Reading a book can be a big time commitment. Finding out if you have read the book before and if it is the right book for you are the biggest benefits of sampling a few chapters and seeing if the characters and story are appealing to you. Many people say that you cannot judge a book by its cover and it is therefore a god idea to dig a little deeper and get a better idea from sampling some of the novel before buying it.
To read sample chapters, click on the book cover.


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