The Bloodoll Factory II - Sample Chapters





The car fell into silence as they drove to Sadie’s house. William was furious and positive he’d been set up. He just wasn’t sure by who. Dr. Jones had taken the entire blame for everything that had gone wrong, but William suspected everyone involved had played a role, except Bill. William had found Bill himself, and none of the others had known Bill prior to William making the introductions.

When Sadie parked the car in front of her garage, William stepped out and closed the door. He pulled the keys from his pocket and started walking toward his car.

Are you going home?” Sadie asked.

I need to go check on the house,” William said. “No one’s there, and the neighborhood is prone to break-ins now.” In his current mood, he was certain he’d beat the everliving fuck out of any intruders.

Are you coming back?” Sadie asked.

Not tonight,” William said. “I’ll see you at the meeting Sunday night.”

Do you want some help?” Sadie asked.

No,” William said. “Thank you.” He stepped into the driver’s seat of his car and started the engine. He made the mistake of glancing at Sadie as he backed out of her driveway. She looked concerned and confused. William felt the same, but he felt no need to stop the car, get out and comfort her. Their ‘kill the vampre’ antics had just gotten his wife killed. Something William had told them he did not want to happen, and he had thought, he had made the point very clear. Apparently not.


The drive to his house was nine minutes in the late night traffic. William was thankful. He was also thankful for the silence, and with the redhead and the beast driving back to the Ohio River, he was certain it would stay silent and safe until Sunday night.

William parked in front of his garage. His wife’s car was nowhere in sight, and William realized he left it at ESA. “Fuck.” He could have driven directly home from ESA if he had remembered his wife’s car was in the lot. Now, he’d have to make arrangements to get it home.

William unlocked the back door and walked into the kitchen. The house was dark. As usual, the coffee maker was still on. William turned it off after turning on the kitchen light. The dishes from this morning were still in the sink. Not wanting to deal with them tomorrow morning, William washed the few dishes and put them in the drainer.

As he continued to look through the house, he realized it didn’t even look like his wife had been home alone for the last two weeks. The house was reasonably clean, which lead him to believe she had ordered out more than she ate in. It was good for him. It meant he didn’t have to clean as much before he went to bed tonight.

William made his way through the house. As he entered each room, he turned on the lights. He half-expected creepy thing one and creepy thing two to jump out of the master bedroom closet, but the only thing that appeared when he turned on the light was the unmade bed.

Sighing, William tore the bedding off and threw it on the floor. He walked out to the linen closet in the hall and retrieved new sheets, a blanket and comforter. It didn’t take him long to make the bed.

Then, he vacuumed and dusted the entire house while moving reminders of his wife to a cardboard box. The only thing he could not find was her purse. William assumed it was in the car at ESA. He would get it Sunday night. He’d also have to figure out how to sell that car. It was in his wife’s name. In fact, half the house was also in his wife’s name.

William grumbled and rubbed his temples. He could call a junkyard to retrieve the car. They weren’t going to ask questions, but he was at a loss as to how to get rid of the house. He couldn’t sell it without his wife’s signature, and she was permanently missing. It wasn’t as if he could file a report, wait a few months and have her declared dead. The initial report would launch an investigation into her disappearance and possibly into ESA. William knew that if he filed that report, it could result in meeting the same fate as his wife.

Fuck my life,” William said as he walked into the bathroom and disrobed after turning on the shower. It would have been much easier to divorce his wife while she was alive. He’d still have to divorce her, but damned if William knew how. It wasn’t as if his wife could sign paperwork and appear in court.

William muttered something about the best-laid plans as he stepped into the shower. The water was hot. The shower/bath combo was clean since he’d just cleaned it, and all the towels he liked were now hanging on the towel bars. He still needed to get towel warming bars, but he thought there were better uses for his money, especially since he wasn’t sure how to deal with the house.

William washed his body, paying attention to his nether regions, especially his cock. It had gotten a work out this week, so much so that he felt like he ought to be lifting barbells with it. Part of him wished he had agreed to stay with Sadie for the night. The other part was angry. While she had claimed no knowledge of her father’s plan, William had to think she knew or suspected something and hadn’t told him. Of course, she hadn’t told Blackwell either, because if she had, none of them would be alive tonight.

William rinsed his body and stepped out of the shower to partially dry before walking into the bedroom. He pulled a pair of boxers out of his dresser and slid them on. Looking at the bed, he decided he wasn’t tired and walked into the kitchen to get a beer.

He sat down on the couch and opened it before taking a long drink. The clock on the wall read three in the morning. Somewhere his phone was dinging, indicating that he was getting many text messages. William had a feeling he knew who they were from – Sadie. Instead of getting up to find his phone, he took another drink of his beer. More text messages sounded.

William sat his mostly empty beer on the side table and stood. His phone was on the kitchen counter. He’d left it there after finishing the dishes. William picked it up and looked at it. There were a couple text messages from Sadie and her father. There was also a message from a number he didn’t recognize.

Sadie’s messages were predictable. She wanted to know how he was doing and if he would stop by in the morning. William texted her saying that he might, depending on how he felt. Dr. Jones' text was a little more helpful. He’d found Melissa’s purse in her car and took it home with him. William texted back, telling him that he would be by in the morning to get it.

The last text baffled William. He did not recognize the sender, and the question was creepy. Are you home?

William texted back, Who is this?

He sat the phone on the counter while he grabbed another beer. His phone dinged just as he shut the refrigerator door.

Are you coming Sunday? The text asked.

What’s Sunday? William sent back.

The meeting, the anonymous caller sent.

I’ll be there, William sent. The conversation sent chills down his spine. While he was hoping it was Misty or another of his ESA friends, he had the feeling that it was either the redhead or the beast. William grabbed a second beer out of the refrigerator and went to sit down on the couch. He still wasn’t terribly tired.

Turning on the TV, William flipped through the channels. There wasn’t much on. He flipped so far through the channels, that he reached the 2,000s. The words staring at him from the screen indicated he had wandered onto the porn side of his cable TV. Hot Virgins. Sexy MILFs. Cherry Popping Virgins.

William clicked on Cherry Popping Virgins before taking another drink of his beer. The girls were young. Some of them looked too young, and he wasn’t entirely convinced they were virgins. Although, he had to give credit for their acting. Some of them were taking some monster cocks, and their facial expressions were appropriate as they were penetrated, pussies stretched beyond William’s comprehension.

William still found the images to be highly stimulating as he watched the monster cocks stretch tiny pussies. He slid his hand into his boxers and drug his hand up his shaft then back down before gripping it and stroking slowly. It was then when his phone dinged again. Glancing over at it, he raised an eyebrow. If the message was honest, it was Misty. William removed his hand from his boxers and texted her.

Why are you awake? It’s after 3.William sent.

She sent. Can’t sleep. Tonight was terrifying.

William typed. Yeah. Seems to be the night for that. You live with your parents?

Misty sent. In the house next to theirs.

William laughed. He sent. I bet they’re asleep.

They are. What are you doing? She asked.

Watching movies. William sent.

I think I live 5 mins from u. Do u want some company? Are u home? She asked.

Yeah. I’m at my house. I felt like being alone, but come on by. The beer is cold. William sent.

Sadie replied that she was otw.

William looked up at the screen. A red-haired lady was getting reamed from behind by one of the largest cock’s he’d ever seen. It had to be a cock-sleeve. No man was naturally that large.

To spite the shock value of the impossible image, William’s cock was still hard. He only had time to get a couple strokes in before the doorbell rang. William muted the movie. He stood and walked open to the door, opening it. It was Misty. “Come on in.”

Misty stepped inside. William closed and locked the door before turning around. “So, what’s the issue?”

The Sunday night meeting,” Misty said as they walked further into the living room.

William handed her one of his unopened beers. “I’m worried about that one myself. Kane doesn’t seem like someone you’d want to fuck with.” He motioned to the couch.

He seems a lot meaner than Blackwell,” Misty said as she sat down on the couch.

Openly meaner,” William said. “I don’t know that he’s actually any meaner. I’ve heard some horror stories about Blackwell’s office.”

True,” Misty said. “But how do you think this is going to go? Have you talked to Sadie or her father?”

No. I got my car and drove here to clean up and do some thinking,” William said.

Misty looked at the TV and laughed. “Did you finish your thinking?”

Yeah. This is my done thinking, bored thing,” William said. “I probably should have turned it off. I wasn’t paying attention.”

It’s fine. It’s a nice distraction compared to the horrors I keep thinking about,” Misty said.

Well, don’t think too hard on it. From what Dr. Jones said, he doesn’t expect anything horrible Sunday night unless you don’t show up. Then, you can expect horror,” William said.

Are you going?” Misty asked.

Hell yeah, I’m going,” William said. “I’m not calling his bluff.”

Misty nodded. “So, what’s the movie?”

William laughed. “Cherry popping virgins. Did you want to watch something else?”

This is okay, actually,” Misty said. “I don’t think I have enough brain power to watch anything else.”

That’s kinda where I’m at,” William said. He turned on the sound. “Feel free to make yourself comfortable.”

Misty removed her shoes and sunk into the couch with her beer. She took a long drink while watching a well-endowed man fuck a rather small woman. “I don’t know how they do it.”

Practice maybe. Lots of lube,” William said. He took a drink of his beer and slid his other hand back into his boxers to massage his balls. When he looked over at Misty, she had her hand inside her shorts. “I guess working where we do doesn’t lend itself to shyness.”

Misty laughed. “Not really. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this though.”

If it’s getting wet, then you’re doing it right,” William said with a grin. He stroked his cock slowly from base to head and back down. Next to him, he could hear Misty breathing heavier. William stroked his cock faster and grunted. It was starting to precum already.

It’s getting wet,” Misty said. She looked over at him. “Show it to me.”

William lowered his boxers so she could see his hard cock. It felt like a throbbing rod in his hand.

Damn, that’s big,” Misty said.

I have never heard any complaints.” William glided his hand over his shaft.

Looks ready,” Misty said.

It’s ready,” William said as he stroked his cock. He started massaging his balls with his other hand. He grunted. “Oh. Here it comes.”

Misty removed her shorts and slid into William’s lap. She sunk down on his hard cock with a moan.

William started thrusting as she rode his cock. He yelled second later as his cock blew a load into her pussy.

Misty kept riding him, grinding herself onto his cock until she screamed in orgasmic bliss.

William relaxed backward into the couch. “Damn, woman.”

Damn is right.” She slipped off his cock and out of his lap. Misty picked up her beer and took a long drink. “Are you going to tell Sadie?”

I don’t think so,” William said. “While I don’t think she’d give a rat’s ass that I fucked you, I think she’d give a rat’s ass that I was fucking you instead of her.” He turned off the TV. “Are you going home or staying here?”

What time is it?” Misty asked.

Late,” William said. “Almost five probably.”

Do you have to be anywhere in the morning?” she asked.

Dr. Jones. He has my wife’s purse,” William said.

I’ll head home. If we ever get another chance, we should make a night of it,” Misty said.

Sounds like a plan.” William pulled up his boxers and walked Misty to the door after she was dressed. “I’ll see you Sunday night.”

I’ll be there.”

William closed the door behind her and locked it. He walked into the bathroom and removed his boxers before washing his cock in the sink. Rather than put on a fresh pair of boxers, he simply walked into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed, falling into a deep sleep.







William deliberately avoided Sadie’s street as he drove to Dr. Jones’ house. It would have shaved three minutes off his trip, but he didn’t want Sadie to accidentally see his car. He wasn’t ready to talk to her. William knew he partially blamed her for his wife’s death. He also knew it was irrational to blame her. Sadie had no control over those vampires.

William turned into Dr. Jones’ driveway and turned off the engine. By the time William exited his car, Dr. Jones was standing at the front door.

How are you feeling, William?” Dr. Jones asked.

Well enough.” He followed Dr. Jones into the house. “You said you had my wife’s purse?”

I do. It’s in the kitchen,” Dr. Jones said. “Can I get you a beer?”

William chuckled as he followed Dr. Jones into the kitchen. “Isn’t it nine in the morning?”

It is,” Dr. Jones said. He opened the refrigerator and pulled out two beers, handing one to William. “You know what they say, it’s always five o’clock somewhere.”

William opened the beer and took a larger drink that he intended. “Did you have something to say?”

I’m sorry about your wife,” Dr. Jones said.

William shrugged. “No one told her about the meeting. She didn’t come inside. Those bastards grabbed her.”

They did,” he said. “You still have my condolences and my apologies. I know you didn’t want her involved or harmed.”

I didn’t,” William said. “But it happened anyway. I don’t know that there was much anyone could have done to prevent it.”

I don’t know that there was,” Dr. Jones said. “I was as surprised as you when they pulled her out of the shadows.”

Did you know they’d take control of ESA?” William asked.

No. No one knows that list,” Dr. Jones said.

Are you on it?” William asked.

Somewhere down the line,” he said. “I’m not this one, and I doubt I’m the next one.”

Was Blackwell really the first clinic director?” William asked.

Dr. Jones shrugged. “I think so, but I am not certain. I have not found anyone who worked under anyone other than Blackwell currently at ESA.”

William took another drink of his beer. “What do you think about Sunday night?”

I think any ESA employee that does not go to that meeting will be killed,” Dr. Jones said.

So, you don’t think Kane was bluffing,” William said.

Not even a little bit,” Dr. Jones said. “I have a feeling he’ll feed whoever doesn’t show to that little redhead.”

She’s just as crazy as you guys described her,” William said.

Kane’s words led me to believe she behaves exactly as he wants her to behave,” Dr. Jones said.

You caught that too,” William said. “If that’s the case, we could really be in danger.”

Night shift is going to be particularly vulnerable,” Dr. Jones said.

I’m starting to wonder if I should work days,” William said.

You might want to consider it,” Dr. Jones said. “I know I will not be going in there after dark until we get rid of them.”

You want to do this again?” William questioned.

They are worse than Blackwell. This was what I was trying to tell you and Sadie. You were hell-bent on killing him.”

Don’t look at me. You wanted him dead as well,” William said. “You made that clear in the lounge. You tricked Greg into doing your dirty work, and it killed him.”

Dr. Jones sighed. “I did, and I didn’t. I hate the fact that we sell humans to vampires. I don’t care that they are bred for the purpose. They are still humans with thoughts and feelings.”

What did you expect to happen?” William asked.

I didn’t expect the beast and the redhead,” Dr. Jones said.

Well, that’s who we have. We have to deal with it,” William said. “I lost my wife in this shit.”

I put her in the incinerator last night,” Dr. Jones said.

And now I have a car in the lot that is in her name and a house that is half hers with her name on the deed,” William said. “How the fuck am I supposed to get rid of it now? I can’t report her dead, and I sure as fuck can’t report her missing. This means I am stuck married to her with absolutely no damned way to get a divorce.”

Have Sadie pretend to be your wife,” Dr. Jones said. “Have her fill out the paperwork.”

I doubt she’s going to want to do that,” William said.

Well, if she refuses, tell her to talk to me. We’re partially responsible for your wife’s death, and I know you cannot go to the police,” Dr. Jones said. “Speaking of which, did you stay with Sadie last night?”

I went home. I had some things I needed to do,” William said. He finished his beer and set it on the counter.

Are you stopping by her house this morning?” Dr. Jones asked.

Not sure,” William said.

You should stop by and ask,” Dr. Jones said.

I don’t know,” William said.

She does care for you,” Dr. Jones said.

I don’t doubt it,” William said. “But last night was rather crazy. It’s not exactly easy to process.”

Sadie did not know,” Dr. Jones said. “Neither did Misty or Jacob or anyone else.”

It was all you?” William said.

I knew Dr. Blackwell was a vampire. I knew that what we sell are blooddolls, which are humans that are specifically bred and raised to be food for vampires. Everyone else learned of this stuff as it was presented to them. Mostly through you.”

They didn’t learn about it from Greg?” William asked.

Greg did not involve anyone else,” Dr. Jones said. “He got started on the path the same way you did. He met a couple. Then, he talked to me, and I slowly filled him in.”

Guided him to his death,” William said.

He was careless,” Dr. Jones said. “He kept insisting all the information was on the fourth floor. I kept telling him to stay off that floor that there was nothing up there that he needed.”

What the hell did he hope to do with the information?” William asked.

Go to the police probably,” Dr. Jones said. “Which is never a possibility.”

Not unless you want to die or go to jail,” William said. “I guess I should get my wife’s purse and get going.”

Call me if she refuses,” Dr. Jones said. He walked over to the kitchen table and picked up Melissa’s purse. “Nothing appears to be missing.”

Thanks,” William said. “I’ll let you know how it goes.”

William exited Dr. Jones’s house and got into his car.









It was a five-minute drive to Sadie’s house. As he parked in her driveway and turned off the engine, he was torn. Her father had accepted all the blame for what happened last night. William found it honorable, but he couldn’t be absolutely certain that Sadie had as little involvement as everyone claimed. He wondered how he’d get that information out of her.

It was a rapid tap on the passenger’s side window that drew William out of his thoughts and nearly sent him out of his skin. Turning his head, he saw Sadie. William unlatched the door and stepped outside only to have Sadie embrace him in a tight hug.

William hugged her.

You looked deep in thought,” Sadie said.

It’s been a strange couple of days,” William said. He kissed the side of her neck.

I don’t think it went how any of us expected,” Sadie said. She took a step backward. “Did you want to come inside?”

Yeah,” William said. He followed her through the back door and into the kitchen. “How did you expect it to go?”

Not that like,” Sadie said. She opened the fridge and pulled out two beers. “I really didn’t expect the new clinic director to be Kane.” She handed a beer to William.

William opened his beer and took drink. “Given my luck over the last year, I should not have been surprised. We got the worst possible option.”

His wife scares me,” Sadie said.

She is a piece of work,” William said. “And he defended her behavior.”

I heard that,” Sadie said. “But I don’t know if I’d put my significant other down if they were being verbally attacked, especially if I didn’t respect the people attacking him.”

Good point,” William said. “We’ve seen times where he disagrees with her behavior, but he defended her last night.”

He’s no longer our client,” Sadie said. “We are his employees.”

William took another drink of his beer. “That is a good point. He no longer has to pretend her behavior is unacceptable.”

He no longer has to maintain an appearance,” Sadie said.

Shit,” William said. “We may be in for some serious trouble.”

If he turns her loose in the building, we may quickly find out just how much she can eat,” Sadie said.

Your father is going to have that incinerator running 24 hours a day,” William said. “We have got to do something.”

We need to get through Sunday night first,” Sadie said. She took a drink of her beer.

Which is tomorrow night,” William said. “Anyway, you wanted me to stay last night. Was there something on your mind?”

I just wasn’t sure if you’d want to be alone.” She walked over and stood in front of him.

I needed to sort my thoughts,” William said as he watched her mouth get closer to his.

Sadie kissed him. “Are they sorted now?” She kissed from his mouth to his earlobe.

Not entirely,” William said. He sat his beer on the counter behind him.“But I’m getting there.” He slid his hands under her cotton shirt. She felt slightly damp as if she had just taken a shower, and if William had to guess, she wasn’t wearing a bra. His thoughts were confirmed when he slid his hands up and felt bare skin. He brushed his thumbs against her nipples while he used the rest of his fingers to massage her breasts. “I was prepared for a divorce…”

I know.” Sadie breathed the words into his ear as she slid a hand down to his crotch.

William felt her slide her hand along the length of his uptucked cock. “What are you trying to do?”

Relax you,” Sadie said. She continued to stroke his cock through his jeans.

You might cause a mess.” William removed one hand from her breast and slid it down into her cotton shorts. To his surprise, she was wearing panties.

Over the panties,” Sadie said.

William slid his hand down over the panties until he could feel her clit. When he started rubbing it, she pressed her hand against his growing cock. William grunted. Dipping his hand lower, he felt around the opening of her pussy. Her panties were becoming wet. He pushed the material against her opening and moved his finger in a circular fashion.

Sadie gasped. She cupped his balls through the cloth and squeezed gently.

William kissed her deeply as they moved from the kitchen to the living room.

Sit down,” Sadie said.

William sat on the couch. He was certain they were going to need a shower after this. He could already feel the precum dripping from his cock.

Sadie drug her hands up and down his cloth-covered cock and thighs. Without saying anything, she turned and walked into her bedroom.

William didn’t follow. Instead, he waited for her to return. It looked like she had her butt plugs. William chuckled.

You want one?” Sadie asked as she held up the butt plug.

Sure.” William stood, unfastened his pants and lowered them. He felt Sadie pull his boxers down and slip the lubed butt plug into his ass. William inhaled. “I swear that makes me grow three inches.”

Now, pull your pants back up,” Sadie said.

William pulled his pants back up and fastened them carefully. He didn’t want to accidentally get his swollen cock caught in his zipper. Taking the other plug from her, he pulled her shorts and panties down before slipping it into her ass. When she gasped, William briefly teased her with it.

Sadie pulled up her panties and shorts and motioned to him to sit on the couch.

William watched her reposition herself between his legs. Leaning back, he relaxed as Sadie started massaging his cock through his jeans. It wasn’t long before he was pushing his cock against her hands. “Keep doing that, and it’s going to cum.”

Oh yeah?” She grinned and removed her t-shirt, tossing it onto the coffee table. Then, she went back to massaging his cock through his jeans.

William grunted. “Oh yeah. It’s getting ready to make a mess.” He felt along the sides of her breasts before letting his palms graze her nipples. They were growing under his palms. When he felt his cock throb. He groaned and pushed it against her hands as he blew a load right in his pants.

Sadie removed her shorts and panties. “You know what I loved the other morning?”

What’s that?” William asked. He unfastened his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers, revealing his cum-covered, hard cock.

Sadie reached down and brushed her hand against his balls. “When you came on my comforter,” she said.

Oh yeah?” William stood and finished removed his shoes and clothes. He stroked his cock. “You want me to do it again?”

Oh yeah,” she said.

William followed her into the bedroom. He laid down on the bed on his stomach, assuming she wanted to massage his prostate again.

Don’t look,” Sadie said.

William heard some rustling, and he thought he heard her opening a bottle of lube. He grunted when she pulled the plug out of his ass and tossed it to the side.

Sadie started massaging his butt cheeks, kneading and pressing on the flesh.

It was then when he felt something press against his anus. “Another plug?”

Massager,” Sadie said. “It vibrates.”

William clenched the bedding at his sides with a groan when she pressed the vibrating massager into his anus. “Oh damn.” He felt the massager slipping in and out of his ass, massaging his prostate and vibrating his entire back-end. William found himself moaning and pressing his cock into the comforter. “Here it comes again.” He gave a final push into the bedding as his cock blew another load.

Sadie removed the vibrating strap-on from William’s ass. After unfastening it, she tossed it against the far wall out of sight. She had a feeling if he knew what it was, he’d never agree to it again.

William rolled onto his back.

Sadie sunk down onto his cum-covered cock and started riding him.

William pulled her down against his body and rolled over. He spread her legs wide, thrusting hard and fast while she panted, moaned and begged for him to fuck her harder. William fucker her harder, plunging his cock deep and watching as she tensed. When she spasmed and yelled, William gave a final thrust, cumming deep inside her.

Sadie leaned up and kissed him.

William kissed her and chuckled. “I was only at my house for one night.”

I missed you,” Sadie said.

William pulled out and collapsed next to her with a relieved sigh. “I missed you too. My house was really quiet.”

What are you going to do about your house?” Sadie asked as she rolled over and laid on him.

I don’t know. It’s in foreclosure and half in her name,” William said. “And since she is technically missing, I’m going to have a hard time getting rid of it unless I let the bank take it.”

How much do you lose if you let the bank take it?” Sadie asked.

Well, I put $30,000 down. I still owe $100,000 on it, and it’s worth $230,000. So, I guess I’ll lose about $100,000,” William said.

How behind are you?” Sadie asked.

Three months,” William said.

The check deposited in your account last night should pay for that,” Sadie said.

I haven’t even looked at it,” William said.

It’s about $7,000,” Sadie said.

Damn,” William said. “That will take care of the back mortgage and then some.”

You should try to keep the house if you can get that much for it,” Sadie said.

Only one problem. My wife is missing,” William said.

Forge her signature,” Sadie said.

I think she has to be there for some of it,” William said. “I was talking to your dad, and his advice was to have you stand in.”

Oh wow,” Sadie said. “That’s… I don’t know what I think of that.”

I wasn’t sure what to think of it either,” William said. “It’s up to you as far as I am concerned. I can let the bank take it.”

And it will destroy your credit,” Sadie said.

It will, but there isn’t much I can do about that,” William said.

I don’t see a way around it,” Sadie said. “I’ll do it. Just let me know when you need my help.”

I appreciate it,” William said. He kissed her.

I think we should shower, and I’ll make lunch,” Sadie said.

William exited the bed and followed Sadie into the shower. It was a quick wash and rinse. William stepped out and grabbed a towel. He dried off, brushed his teeth and walked into the master bedroom. He dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that he’d left at Sadie’s house last week.

I feel like we’re forgetting something,” William said.

To call everyone who works at ESA and tell them about the Sunday night meeting,” Sadie said as she walked into her closet.

Shit,” William said. “How many is that?”

I don’t know, but I do know I have to go to ESA to do it. I don’t have everyone’s phone numbers,” Sadie said.

I’ll go with you,” William said.

You don’t have to,” Sadie said. “It’s going to be really boring. I don’t think it’s going to take that long though.”

I’m not worried about it,” William said. “I have nothing else going on today.”

Well, let’s get out of here then,” Sadie said. She grabbed her purse.




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