Book Library for Joomla


If you have a Joomla website and are an author, Book Library by OrdaSoft is for you. This is one of the programs by Ordasoft that actually works pretty well and is fairly simple to use. It’s also free, and if you’re building a Joomla site, you want most if not all of your extensions as free downloads. If you start paying money for every extension you want, you will very quickly spend a fortune. Prices can range anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars a year. I am not kidding. I was looking at downloading JomSocial, and it’s $99 a year for the cheapest package, so watch what you are doing.


Onward to Book Library (It’s free)


The biggest benefit to authors is that it is free, and it allows you to create your own book library of your books. You can also include other authors and their books. There’s no limit to how many authors or books you can ad, so the scale totally depends on what you want to do.


Step 1: The first thing you need to do is download Book Library from Ordasoft and install it via your Joomla installer.


Step 2: Go to Components → Book Library → Books. Delete every book that is currently listed. It comes with a few that are preset, probably to show you what it looks like. You don’t need any of them.


Step 3: Once you have all the preset books deleted, click on the new button. Your screen will look like this:


  • Step 4: Start Filling in the Information. You do not need to touch the book ID.
  • ISBN – If you have an ISBN for your digital book, great. Go ahead and use it. If all you have is your AISN, use that. There’s no validation on this field that’s going to stop you from using your AISN.

  • Languages – Choose the languages that your books are written in.

  • Fetch Information – I never got the Amazon fetch to work, so it may be best to just stick with “on your own.”

  • Description – Fill in your book description



Now we have the second half of this form. If you are able to get Amazon to populate these fields, you won’t need to fill them out. However, you do have to fill them out if you are doing it “on your own”.


Step 5: To simply put it, you just need to fill these in. For the price, input only numbers. So, if your book is $4.99, enter 4.99. If you put in a dollar sign or any money symbol, your book price will be 0.



Step 6: Skip the picture URL and just upload your book cover.


Step 7: Enter the URL of where your book is for sale. For Amazon, enter the URL of your Amazon book page. This connects to a button in the front end that says “buy now”


Step 8: Online Read Book From Article: Not necessary, but I entered the location of my sample chapters.


Step 9: Ebook File – I didn’t do this, and I think if you do this, you are going to be making your book available for free via the download file.


Step 10: Click the green APPLY button at the top. Look for any errors that are saying – Joomla can’t save this. If there were no errors, click SAVE and CLOSE. If you choose to click SAVE and CLOSE first, just no that Joomla will take you out of the New screen THEN tell you it couldn’t save your information.


When you do go back to your books list, your new book will not be published. You will need to click the black X to publish it.


Some additional info


Do yourself a favor and go into into “Settings Front End” and turn off the lending feature. This works weirdly. Someone can request to “borrow” your digital book, and you will receive that request on the backend, but you will not get an email letting you know that you have a lend request. If you approve that request, it sends an email to the requestor, but I tested this and never got that email. To make things more interesting, it unpublishes your book when you approve the lend.


To that end, you may also want to turn off Reviews. If someone enters a review into the website, it will unpublish your book. In fact, if you or anyone else makes changes to the book, it will unpublish your book. The only thing that doesn’t appear to trigger an unpublish, is someone clicking on your “buy now” button.


Anyway, I happen to like it. I use it, and as you can see it looks great on my site.

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