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The Benefits of Being A Freelance Writer
The instant benefit of being a freelance writer is having the ability to choose the content that you are going to write about. You also pick the hours that you will write and you set your own deadlines. 

Another thing that tends to make freelance writers happy is the ability to set their own prices. You don't have to answer to anyone else when you are putting pen to paper. You determine how much your words are worth, and you make the decision to take on as many jobs as you would like. This is ideal for anyone that is part of the freelance writing community. They like to have the ability to make their own rules. 

There are a ton of people that are look for freelancers, and the freelance writer appreciates an opportunity to make some occasional money without any long term commitment. This may be the most rewarding part of the job.
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Book Library for Joomla


If you have a Joomla website and are an author, Book Library by OrdaSoft is for you. This is one of the programs by Ordasoft that actually works pretty well and is fairly simple to use. It’s also free, and if you’re building a Joomla site, you want most if not all of your extensions as free downloads. If you start paying money for every extension you want, you will very quickly spend a fortune. Prices can range anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars a year. I am not kidding. I was looking at downloading JomSocial, and it’s $99 a year for the cheapest package, so watch what you are doing.

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For those who don't know, I started my writing career as a freelance, and there are a few differences between being an Indianapolis freelance writer and being a novelist.  One of the biggest is that everything I write as a freelancer is preordered and priced.  Agents, editors and publishers don't send out a list of material they want with prices they are willing to pay.



  • 99 percent acceptance rate
  • It's all preordered
  • It's all prepriced
  • There's very little competition
  • You become an expert in a lot of different industries
  • You become an expert at researching
  • You are very good at SEO and social media
  • Writing exhausted is a way of life
  • There is no such thing as writers block
  • Brain fry is real




  • 97 to 300 percent rejection rate
  • The agents, publishers ect did not ask for it
  • Submitting blind
  • Way more competition
  • You don't get paid until you get a book deal
  • You may never get a book deal
  • Reading all those rejection letters is going to wear you out, regardless of how good your self-esteem is.
  • You are going to get really good at determining which rejection letters are real and which ones were copy/paste bulk send


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AVIA1BookadfullcoverThunderstorms and .45s: 2018 Avia Version Kindle Edition


Avia might be able to con a rich woman out of 50 million dollars before her vacation to Hawaii, but she's going to need some help to do it. She has to call in people she terms her "cousins," and she has to deal with the fact that she is still an alcoholic and heroin addict. With the help of Benton, can Avia actually pull off this heist and get out of town before it is too late?



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Making yourself a better content writer and freelancer involves getting faster when it comes to researching and writing. My primary topics, including HVAC, construction, remodeling, landscaping and chiropractic care, all involve a lot of research. Constantly flipping between my word processor and web browser is extremely time consuming with one computer monitor. For that reason, I have two monitors connected to my desktop computer. I use one monitor for research and communication, and I use the other monitor for writing and editing. This cuts my per article time in half, which allows me to either work more or have more freetime
One of the things you need as a novelist and freelance writer is a solid printer. A solid printer is one that holds at least 100 pages of paper and preferably 250 pages or more. Most deskjet or officehet printers only hold 50 or so pages before they need to be reloaded, and the ink costs can quickly skyrocket if you need to print more than a few pages a day.

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The short answer is – probably not. I don’t recommend that anyone keep using Windows 10. It’s a dangerous piece of software if you need your computer every day, and if you don’t use your computer very often, you could find yourself logging in to the message that you need to update, which means you can’t use your computer while it is updating. In fact, the latter is what kept happening to my mom. Every time she logged into her laptop, it told her she needed to update and commenced the update process. This meant that whatever she intended to do, she could not do, and by the time the computer was finished updating, she had accomplished whatever it was via her smartphone. Her laptop was now useless because of Microsoft’s continuous and severely obnoxious updates.

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The best advice I can give anyone: Delete Windows 10 and replace it with Linux Mint

I was talking to my mother a few weeks ago, and her laptop was giving her fits.  I asked her what was wrong with it.

Doesn't shutdown correctly - You all know the drill.  Do not turn off Windows, it is working on something.

Doesn't Boot Correctly - takes too damned long to boot, even with fastboot on.  And expasperated by the fact that Windows does shit you don't want it too while it is booting.

Windows is Updating - Constantly.  For someone who only uses their computer once a month, Windows is updating always.  This renders the computer unusable, because by the time it's done, you've made alternative plans to use someone elses computer!  Or you've performed the work on your phone, which is up 24/7, but inherently unsafe cause cell phone networks are not exactly secure.

If you are like me, you’ve had it with Windows 10 and Microsoft, if you aren’t completely fed up with Windows 10, you’re bumping along and willingly allowing Windows 10 to invade your privacy and control your computer and how you use your computer. Let me just state up front that what Windows 10 does is NOT normal. No operating system should be as invasive and virus-like as Windows 10.

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