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If you're a frequent visitor to StaceyCarroll.org, you may be wondering how you can help support the site.  Afterall, we don't charge for the content. We don't force subscriptions on our visitors. We don't use popups, email lists or google ads because we feel like those things negatively affect the user experience, and in some cases, they can slow down the site performance.

After much debate, staceycarroll.org has decided to offer the ability to sponsor the site for as little as $1.

What Are We Offering for Sponsorship?

  • $1 to $10 - Thank you so much, we really appreciate your help and support.
  • $15 to $25 - Ask for a specific article to be written on the writing topic of your choice and recieve a sponsored by on that particular article.
  • $25 to $50 - Ask for two articles to be written on your specific topics and recied a sponsored by at the end of the article
  • For Each Additional $25 - You can request an additional topis to be written

All requested topics will be written within 30 days of sponsorship.

To request article topics, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You'd Prefer Something Free

If you don't wish to donate, that's okay.  We totally understand!  It's expensive to publish and market books, and we always want you to put your hard earned dollars where you feel they are most valuably spent.  This is why so many of the articles and posts on StaceyCarroll.org are geared for indie authors and DIY publishers on limited to non-existant budgets.

You'd Prefer Something that Directly Benefits You and Helps You Spread the Word About Your Published Book or Author Website

We offer low cost book promo services for as little as $10 a month when you purchase 3 or more months of social media book promotion.  Book promo posts are placed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram daily for the duration of your book promotion.


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