Book Critques

$5.00 each

Book Critiques

Do you think that your currect fiction book is complete trash?  Are you ready to delete it form your computer, tablet or laptop?  Stop!  Many fiction books are completely salvagable. You just need a second set of eyes to look at it and dissect it in order to find the good points and the flaws.

It's important to understand that a book critique is not a developmental edit or a book review. Although, it may contain elements of both.  This service is designed to tell you if you can make your current work of fiction salvagable and publishable and provide you with advice on how to correct mistakes and what may be missing from the current material.

Since this is a service designed to provide you with a Go/NoGo decision, it's one of the cheapest services we offer, here at Stacey Carroll Freelancing.


$5 per 1,000 words

  • 10,000 Words = 10 units, $50
  • 20,000 Words = 20 units, $100
  • 30,000 Words = 30 units, $150
  • ect...

To submit your book for a book critique, please email your manuscript to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please feel free to add anything you feel may be wrong with your book or any concerns you may have so that I address your specific concerns as well as any others that I notice while reading your manuscript.


Work begins as soon as payment and the email containing your manuscript are recieved.


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