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Born in 1975, C.L Roberts-Huth is the product of star-crossed lovers who took separate paths shortly after my arrival. Now a three-time mother, twice married woman, and eclectic person, She resides in the sunny biosphere that is Sierra Vista, Arizona, with her wonderful partner in crime, Peter, and three brilliant geeklings: Michael, Cami and Desmond. Oh, and a mop… er… Shih Tzu named Sir Lancelot the Brave.

Writing came to C.L Roberts-Huth naturally, and the dark clouds of childhood and adolescent angst gave birth to a myriad of story threads that reflected her inner struggle to find a place in this world. C.L Roberts-Huth hasn’t quite discovered it yet, but she's fallen in love with the journey and all the stories unfolding in front of her. C.L Roberts-Huth is a lover of many genres and a writer of a small handful, and rather content with that lot.



Hollywood North: A Novel in Six Reels Kindle Edition

HollywoodNorthby Michael Libling

Based on true events . . .

Jack Levin is the boy who finds things. Gus Berry is the boy who wants things. Annie Barker is the girl who believes in things. Each is an outcast in their own way. Each is obsessed with movies, TV, comic books, and unexplained phenomena. And each lives with the fear bad things are heading their way.

Welcome to the 1960s and sleepy small-town Trenton, Ontario. Where hunting, fishing, arson, and drowning are the favored pastimes. Where dogs maim, trains derail, planes collide, and people vanish. Where secrets, lies, and selective amnesia pervade the adult agenda. Where only Gus, Jack, and Annie sense an unsettling connection to it all. And where piece by gruesome piece, this dauntless trio works to uncover the mystery at the malevolent heart of Trenton’s dark past . . . and darker future.






Imprisoned Online: Gaming the System (A LitRPG Adventure Book 1) Kindle Edition






Among Us: A normal child Kindle Edition

AmongUsBy Brett Woodridge

A seemingly gifted child, Allen had it all, loving parents, good grades, and an uncanny understanding of nature. Polite and respectful, he eludes all as he pursues his increasingly twisted interests, until the girl got too curious. How will he solve his dilemma? Is a solution even possible for the hole he dug for himself?









Gary Fenton's Second Chance: Amazon

GaryFentonsSecondChanceBy Mark Eldish

Literature and Fiction


When lifelong loser and die-hard atheist Gary Fenton jumps from Brighton Pier, he fully expects to put a deliberate end to his tedious and boring existence. Unfortunately, he soon discovers that his irresponsible leap has also put the entire future of mankind in jeopardy.

God isn’t at all impressed with Fenton’s behaviour, but she sees no alternative to giving him a chance to put things right—and quick.

Gary Fenton now has seventy-two hours to save the world. His mission? To win the heart of his destined soul mate, who he hasn’t even met yet.With both time and the devil against him, his odds of success aren’t good...

Mark Eldish makes a hilariously irreverent splash with this fast-paced comedy novel debut.




Cold Dark Lies - AMAZON

ColdDarkLiesby Donald Levin

Private Investigator Mystery


COLD DARK LIES is the sixth explosive entry in the riveting Martin Preuss Mystery series.When distraught Carrie Morrison hires Martin Preuss to find out how her younger brother wound up clinging to life in a disreputable Ferndale motel, the private detective thinks the story will be a familiar one—a young man takes a walk on the wild side and pays a terrible price. But the deeper Preuss digs, the more he realizes that nothing is as it seems in the brother’s world of secrets and lies. How is the young man involved with a missing prostitute? What’s the link to a local rap mogul who moonlights as the city’s main drug supplier? Why is a stone-cold killer out for revenge with Preuss in his cross-hairs? And—most upsetting of all—why is a local crime boss threatening Preuss’s beloved handicapped son Toby?






Fat Chance - AMAZON

TFatChancehriler - Psychological

by AB Morgan

A missing barrister, a severed thumb and fat chance of finding out the truth.

Ella Fitzwilliam’s world is about to spiral out of control. She’s not cut out to be a private investigator. With little or no aptitude for the job, she’s been sent undercover to expose the hidden lives of two men who meet nearly every week at Buxham’s - a private members’ club where portions are large and secrets are held in strictest confidence. 

One of those men is Harry Drysdale, a defence barrister, and the other is Marcus Carver, an eminent surgeon with a tarnished past and much to lose. Ella knows he has unhealthy appetites, she’s sure he’s feeding his perverted habits and putting his female patients at risk but she has to prove it. 

When Harry Drysdale goes missing, Konrad Neale TV journalist tries to reveal the truth behind the lies, but some of the secrets start to reveal themselves… and they are big.




Sarah's Song - AMAZON

SSongby Vicky Whedbee

Christian Mystery

It’s the 1940’s in rural East Tennessee, Appalachian country. For most everyone there is only work, and possibly church, if there’s one nearby. People rise before the sun is up, work hard, go to bed early, and rest in church on Sunday. Little chance for much else to happen. Right?
So, why would keeping one little secret for over sixteen years be so important? What could possibly have happened that could change the lives of so many people, if the secret were to be revealed?
There are only three people alive that know the answer to that question. For now.





Sarah's Home - AMAZON

SShomeby Vicky Whedbee

Christian Mystery

The story of those you came to know and love in Sarah's Song continues in rural Appalachia, Hurricane Hollow, Tennessee, in 1956! 
After learning of the horrific abuse her adopted son endured during his childhood with nowhere to escape to, and then losing her best friend to more senseless violence, Millicent Thornton embarks on a journey to provide a safe haven for anyone that needs it. She builds Sarah's Home in honor of her late friend, bringing her dream to fruition, however, it isn't long before she realizes she has seriously underestimated the need of such a facility. Nor could she ever have imagined that her life and the lives of those closest to her would be turned upside down with the arrival of the first few occupants, and changed forevermore when the identity of another patient is learned!





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