Fantasy and Science Fiction


Revenge of Amun-Re (Stones of Vision Book 2) Kindle Edition

by Ronald Howes

 AmunreThe Amun-Re priesthood brutally murdered his elder brother and in his rage Pharaoh Akhenaten swore to defy all the gods and rid Egypt of their merciless grip.

Queen Nefertiti called upon the multi-dimensional Aurlitians to use their advanced knowledge and champion Akhenaten’s quest to establish Aten as the sole omnipotent god. Unwilling to relinquish their power or gods, the priesthood united against him in their resistance to his blasphemous ideas. The stage was set for an epic confrontation that would change the course of history.

Amidst the growing chaos, the Hebrews of Egypt felt increasingly isolated and vulnerable. They needed a strong leader and only Mose could deliver them to the Promised Land. He would emerge from the most unlikely of places!










A Promise of Iron: Echoes of Illyria: Book One Kindle Edition

by Brandon McCoy

ApromiseofironLong ago, the Illyrian Empire fell and the world of men fell with it. The Illyrians are gone now. Nobody knows where. All they left behind are miles of dark roads and unanswered questions.
From the darkness the Cyllian Empire has emerged. It straddles the old thrones of men and brings a tenuous peace, filled with the unease of hate and the impatience of idle spears.

The Mere grow restless in their mountain homes. They strike at the lands of men with a boldness not seen since the days of Illyria.
The Ruk bear the scars of a long-lost war. Toiling under the heel of the Empire, they have little hope for a better life.
Born out of hatred, a young man seeks to bring it all down, stone by stone, brick by brick. He’s no hero. Heroes are fools and dead men. But he hears the words upon the wind. And he seeks a promise…





He warned them. It was a mistake to disband the Piecer Corp. You can’t trust the Klix. But 20 years of peace had left the Earth complacent, trusting, forgetful.

The Promise, Earth’s first Starship was flown in for their graduation, to honor the last class of the Piecer Corp. It would be a bittersweet graduation day, saying goodbye to friends and comrades and starting a new life as a civilian. For a moment everyone was happy.

That’s when the sky lit up.

In this post-apocalyptic tale of Earth, follow our DNA enhanced space marines; Chase, Gage, Tripp and Hector as they defend the Earth from the alien Klix invasion.







The girl who was blessed when Daddy killed Mommy; the bird lady born with four arms and no wings; King Kess's trans widower; the most forgettable prince who ever died; secret agents popping up everywhere; and the mind controlling bunny rabbit.

Who will put an end to Vasagne's dark conspiracy.





Forced to Move Worlds Kindle Edition

ForcedDiscovering her powers was the worst moment of Brittany’s life.

If she used her magic again, she would be ‘removed’. Circumstances made it impossible not to utilise her healing light. She woke up in a different world, told she couldn’t go back. She was too far gone, demon magic irreversible.

Nigel did his best to help her come to terms, having gone through the same experience thirty years prior. Not willing to walk eight-hundred-thousand-miles through hell and risk apocalypse to get back home, she went with him to the Demon College of Yore.

She came to blows, a clash of words with the centaur, Feyneyrey. Danger struck a match to kindle their friendship. The two young women, under Nigel's guidance, journeyed on a quest to destroy a corrupted deity.






This Soul'd World: The Rise of Consciousness Kindle Edition


thissoulCallison Trebla is on the verge of a discovery that will unveil the nature of reality to a troubled world. The discovery will force the question: is life just a biological accident? A pointless drama playing out on a random rock in the universe? Or is there meaning? Something deeper, something more subtle than our senses suggest? Is consciousness created by the brain? Or is the brain created by consciousness? Does the body have a soul? Or does the soul have a body?

Visit for more details, or search #AwakeningFiction.


This Soul'd World is the story of space-time scientist, Callison Trebla, who has a destiny calling to him from a parallel universe. Upon retirement from his life-long employer, Quanta Laboratories, Callison steals equipment to complete an as-yet unproven time-portal; and thinks he's got away with it... until the day he makes it work.

The company soon come knocking, revealing their dark, conspiratorial and lethal intention. They claim the portal is their intellectual property to do with as they please, and they want to suppress it, forever silencing the inventor in the process.

The only route of escape for Callison becomes wherever the portal leads and he makes the jump, unwittingly falling into a rabbit hole of infinite depth. He'll learn how to get around Quanta Laboratories, but he'll also learn about the mysteries of life itself, seeing more and reconciling the loss of his young son 30 years previous.

Welcome to a story of hope for the coming age that aims to challenge our inherited beliefs about life. It will pull the reader down alternate timelines and explore the space between. It's a medley of science-fiction and forgotten philosophy and seeks to readdress the balance between the search of the world for answers, and the search of the self for questions.


Fallen Angels (Angels and Demons, Book one) Goodreads

by J.C. Seal



Bela, son of a Fallen Angel and a mortal woman, has lived for centuries. For one misstep in his youth, he was cursed and powers he had not yet learned to use were ripped away by a Guardian Angel. 

Alone in the human world, he resigns himself to life in solitude. 

Until one day, he finds a friend. It turns out that Azal is like him, a half-Demon, an outcast like Bela himself. They roam the world together, one day boarding a ship to America in the hope for a better future. 

After making a fortune in the Californian gold rush, Bela buys a large piece of land, a place he calls The Farm. It becomes the first true home for him and Azal. Content with their shared solitude, the invention of newspapers, radio, and television, suddenly links Bela back to a world he had tried to leave behind. Hearing stories quite similar to his own, Bela realizes there were others like them. He sets himself a new goal, to find them all, and give them a home. 

Everything Bela has built is at risk when Alec Hunt, a human investigative journalist, stumbles over their hiding place in search for a story. The risk turns into an opportunity when Bela manages to befriend Alec, enlisting his service to search and rescue more of his kind. 

One day, Alec confides in Bela that he has fallen in love again with a professor teaching journalism at his daughter’s college. He decides to join her on a research exhibition to the Middle East, the region of Bela’s birth. Offering to help translating ancient texts, Bela soon realizes where the research is heading – discovering the hiding place of the Demons, the Fallen Angels of old. 

Several months later, Alec’s daughter seeks out Bela after receiving a cry for help from her father. They fall in love, the curse takes effect, giving Bela the appearance of a horned Fire-Demon. But instead of running away in horror, she succeeds in breaking the curse. The Guardian Angel has to return his powers. 

Will Bela learn to use his newfound abilities in time to rescue his human friend? Will he discover the truth about the Demons, led by the greatest nemesis of the Guardian Angels? Will he be able to open his heart and forgive those who have wronged him, unite The Farm’s community and the Guardian Angels in an effort to thwart the Demons’ plans? Will it be enough to save the unsuspecting human world from a gruesome fate? 









Power Divided (The Evolutionaries Book 1) Kindle Edition


Violet is the princess of Neyr, the third of the Nine Realms of Amera. At least, she was until the day came when Violet was to demonstrate her abilities to the people and solidify her place in Ameran Society. The citizens of Amera have extraordinary abilities, from living on the ocean floor to flying in the air. But no one can turn back time. When the unthinkable happens, tearing her heart and her family in two, Violet flees and is unable to escape a tidal wave of events that brings her face to face with forgotten truths buried for millennia. Only the discovery of a thousand lifetimes may provide the key to her return home. When old enemies arrive on the shores of Neyr, distrust and prejudice resurface. Secrets begin to explode all around Violet, setting her world on fire, and those she loves fall victim to a terrorists' plan to eradicate their enemies. But Amera stands in their way, and with no mercy, the enemy is willing to go through the innocent to get what they want. Violet turns to her best friend Lily, and a few unexpected new friends, who band together to save what they can of her realm, and the rest of Amera. But in the storm that has turned her world upside down, will Violet be able to overcome the nightmare of her past in order to save the future of everyone in Amera, and perhaps the world?



Beautiful: A Tale of Beauties and Beasts Kindle Edition

Beautifulby Fran Laniado

Eimear is Faerie. She left the land of her birth to find a place where she felt like she could belong. She finds herself in the World, a strange place, where she is the only magical being, and she begins to build a life for herself. But when she encounters Finn, supernaturally beautiful but thoughtless and selfish, she gets angry. In a fit of rage, she casts a spell on Finn. It’s a spell that she can’t undo, even when she discovers that she’s ruined Finn’s life.

Finn is wealthy, arrogant, and cruel. He didn’t think twice about insulting Eimear until it was too late. Now, exiled from the only home he’s ever known, he is forced to make his own way, for the first time ever. He does have support- if he wants it. Eimear wants to assuage her guilt by helping him.

In an isolated place, thrown together initially out of desperation and need, Eimear and Finn find a way to live together. That alliance eventually blossoms into friendship, and even love. But before they can have their happily ever after, Eimear must go on a perilous journey that will force her to confront everything that she ran away from when she left Faerie.


Taeryn: The Awakening: An epic SciFi-Romance (The Triptych Saga Book 1) Kindle Edition

Taerynby S.G. Minae

Taeryn’s new boyfriend is an alien. Even more shocking: they’re empathic and telepathic. But she’s just human…isn’t she?

Traumatized by a childhood vision, actress Taeryn Vega just wants to be normal. But when she lands her first movie role with gorgeous leading man Tristan Kando and famous director Kat Russo, the three have an intense psychic connection. She soon discovers that her new friends are not who they appear to be. And maybe, neither is she.

When Tristan and Kat’s planet was invaded, they barely escaped with their lives. Now, hiding on Earth, they’ve both come to love this unusual human girl. But when Tristan and Taeryn’s romance blossoms, their connection almost kills her. In their race to discover the reason for their bond, the aliens uncover a centuries-old secret that could mean their people’s salvation…or Taeryn’s death.

Warning: mature content. Taeryn: The Awakening is a steamy, emotionally gripping tale of a human girl’s journey of self-discovery.





The Witches of Crannock Dale (Mara of the League Book 1) Kindle Edition

Witchesby Thomas Kane

When an enemy army threatens eleven-year old Mara’s home, she makes up her mind to save her family, one way or another. But when the knights protecting her village arrest her favorite aunt for witchcraft, she discovers that the difference between friend and foe may not be as obvious as she once thought. 









Sayville Tales: A Novel of Travelers' Tales Kindle Edition


SayvilleTwelve strangers, two ghosts, and the Devil--while sharing a long railroad journey--concoct a storybook of tales and trifles as hours of blank pages unfurl ahead of them. Not since Chaucer's pilgrims hit the road with tongues wagging have travelers had this much babble and gabble to share with their fellow wayfarers. Meanwhile, glimpses of the expansive, crumbling mural referred to as America flash past the windows, and the lies, the truths, and the grandiose exaggerations keep coming on both sides of the glass. Talk is cheap and tickets are cheaper, but what are the rules? First of all--as your mother often told you--be sure you are wearing clean underwear because anything can happen. Second, recognize that there aren't any rules. It's every passenger for himself.

Sayville Tales is a tragicomic hotchpotch of hot air on wheels. It's also a glimpse of happenstance's possibilities, resembling a roll of vividly imagined wallpaper imprinted with a design that never repeats itself unless it's for a greater effect. The real question is, how could you possibly know what the ride is like if you don't get on the train?






EVERMORE by Jessica D. Fisher (WATTPAD)

EvrmoreWattAfter being trapped in the town of Du Ciel and isolated from the outside world for seven years by a curse, Belle's life was only going to get worse. Every year for the past four years, the town holds what is called "The Offering" when ever they receive a black letter from the Castle. The Offering is where one girl who meets the requirements, adjusted at the beginning of the new year, has their name drawn from a basket and is sent to the Castle to never be seen again. Most of the requirements remain the same every year, except the minimum age requirement, and to Belle's luck this year it stayed at eighteen, placing her into the Offering for the first time.
As Belle's eighteenth birthday draws near, her life begins to fall apart. Her father is desperate to marry her off before the next Offering in fear of her being sent to her supposed death, like many others before her, and her best friend Gaston has started to act strange. As the Offering grows near the only other eligible poor girl besides Belle gets married and the only eligible middle-class girl commits suicide. This leaves Belle and four others, who just so happen to be from four out of the five wealthiest families in Du Ciel, to be the only eligible girls to pick from. Knowing this, Belle expects to be sent by default and is forced to choose between marrying to stay alive or allow herself to be sent to the Castle where an unknown fate awaits her.






raspiteprinceThey’re all dead because of me. 
Nothing but burnt corpses melted into
the floors and walls. 
They never saw it coming.

In a moment of peril, Princess Laoonica’s innate powers, those of creation and chaos, ignite in a fiery inferno, killing everyone onboard the passenger ship that’s transporting her to safety—into hiding from the Raspites. Laoonica is the only survivor, and she knows someone has betrayed her.

Among those who rescue Laoonica from her blackened ship is Lieutenant Patrick Wolf. His attentions spark new emotions in Laoonica, flaring her unstable powers and endangering the lives of her rescuer’s crew. Laoonica demands to be sent to an isolated planet so she can’t harm anyone else, so the Raspites can’t use her as a weapon—because it’s better to be alone than owned. 

But an argumentative council isn’t convinced.

Laoonica knows one sure way to control her powers and take fate into her own hands, by giving herself to Patrick—mind, body, and soul. Her sacrifice comes with a horrible price, but she doesn’t trust the council to do as she asks. She only hopes she can trust Lieutenant Wolf.

Love, lies, and family ties are all broken in this science fiction tale of romance. 

Author Note: Cute, yet suspicious, story. 
This is a sci-fi novel with a fun premise. Laoonica doesn't know whether to trust the handsome lieutenant who came to her rescue. Her temper flares often, making her powers unstable. I like her as the main character. But I liked Patrick more. He kept me wondering the whole time, because something was not quite right about her whole recuse situation. I was quite surprised by the twist at the ending. 

Reader Rated for ages 16+ for one non-detailed on page sex scene and mild kissing.


Rise of the Gatebreakers : (The Gatekeepers Fantasy Adventure Volume I): Gatekeepers I - AMAZON

by M.L Katz

Gatekeeper1They say that the Goddess hates a gatebreaker, but Rabin Grandtree and Marli Lavare seem born to test that theory and test each other. Born near each other in the mysterious and fabulous White City where Rabin’s mother, Morgana Grandtree, spends time as the prince’s consort, the children soon separate. Their early betrothal gets mostly forgotten or dismissed as nothing more than a casual joke. 

Rabin, the hybrid boy, gets tested early as one of a few children who hides to survive the Farpoint Massacre -- an event that sparks the dread Rehan Wars that consume the Known Lands for over a decade. Living under the prophecy that he is the Second Son, born to die by pride, Rabin learns that proud or humble, everybody dies. 

Hundreds of miles south, Marli Lavare fought different battles as she grew up to become the only woman to graduate from the Macan Academy in Del Sur City. Her work with the Del Sur Military-- as she strives to complete an apprenticeship that will earn her the rare and coveted title of medical doctora -- throws her into direct conflict with Rabin, now a feared martial master with the nickname of the Red Jaguar of the North. To Marli, her once betrothed seems a deadly agent of chaos. 

As Marli struggles for control, she begins to understand what Rabin learned early -- some gates need breaking. Rabin recognizes her as his betrothed and perhaps, an even bigger agent of chaos than he is. If the Goddess loves or hates a gatebreaker, both Marli and Rabin first need to learn to love themselves. 

Welcome to the Known Lands!

Eclipse - AMAZON

Eclipseby Ophelia Rue

Science Fiction - Cyberpunk

On the distant planet Oasis the secrets lay behind the Porcelain Man’s dead eggshell eyes. The panicked riddles he spews between catatonic cycles drive agent Carver closer to the missing. The brilliant Ceren Dore lies frozen in her virtual snow globe world, watching perfect false birds glide across a perfect false sky. She shatters in his dreams as the disease inside her grows. A secret society of eight guardians, the super elite, live in the shadows, ever tinkering, their dark mechanisms making the world their own. Echoing moans call from the dystopian nightmare of East Banzen as the war torn buildings grow twisted, a physical representation of their inhabitants. Through the chaos, one step ahead of a deadly assassin, Carver must piece together the clues as they intertwine with the hope to cure Ceren.

The conspiracy he uncovers changes him, changes everything, and sets him on a collision course with an ancient evil, waiting, ever patient, ever present.






The Gift-Knight's Quest (The Gift-Knight Trilogy Book 1) - AMAZON

Gift Knights Questby Dylan Madeley

"Chandra had yet to fathom why Jonnecht could not have lived and ruled for many long years, or why it was so urgent that she ascend immediately." 

Chandra never asked to rule Kensrik, but fate took a strange course. Known as a usurper and sorceress by most and traumatised by all that has transpired, she is forced to make use of the few loyal allies she has in order to hold together her restless empire. In an attempt to identify and defeat the conspirators who inadvertently landed her in power, Chandra risks putting the lives of many in mortal danger, as well as her own. 

Derek is an aimless wanderer - the youngest in a lineage that has long fallen from nobility. He finds himself summoned by tradition to serve a family historically considered his bitter enemy. As he journeys down the same path a fateful ancestor once travelled, he struggles with personal demons and begins to reconsider his loyalty to the mission. 

Duke Lenn found one true cause in love and it cost him everything. His legacy shaped the present in which Chandra and Derek find themselves. Now their choice will shape the future of Kensrik... 

The Gift-Knight's Quest is set in a new and vividly imagined world, written with delicate prose that will allow the reader to explore with their imagination. The author was inspired during the composition of this novel by the likes of Michael Moorcock, J. G. Ballard and Roger Zelazny, but doesn't claim to be any of them; he hoped to imagine something different. This book may appeal to fans of fantasy and historical fiction.

This is the first book of The Gift-Knight Trilogy, and continues with The Crown Princess' Voyage.


The Girl Behind the Magic - AMAZON 

ThegirlbehindthemagicBy Margery Williams

Children's Book

Treasured for generations, this classic and beloved children's story is reworked with native fairies, scary zombies and transforming magic. The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams (1922) is seamlessly retold by A.R. Jung in this enchanting tale about blossoming self esteem. A toy rabbit comes to life through the love of a child.In addition to her stylistic adaptations, Jung's story line loosly follows the animated film-The First Easter Rabbit (1976) narrated by Burl Ives, which explains the Easter Bunny’s origin.This is the story of the Easter Bunny's childhood."Nursery magic is very strange and wonderful, and only those playthings that are old, wise and experienced like the Unicorn Rocking Horse understand all about it." Like the Unicorn, Jung understands how toys-and people-become real through the wisdom and experience of both giving and receiving love. A modern classic written to inspire even the most reluctant readers- both boys and girls alike!






Werewolf Nights - AMAZON

WerewolfNightsBy Mari Hamill

Horror (werewolf)

Threatened by financial ruin, widowed bakery owner Catherine Mercy leads a solitary life with more interest in reading about werewolf lore than in finding a man. Her one true love disappeared after high school and her now deceased husband kept her trapped in the house claiming that a werewolf might hunt her down one day, just as her grandmother repeatedly warned her. When Hollywood interrupts the town's monotony by shooting a werewolf movie on location, Catherine's best friend Anne pushes her to audition. Already in her thirties, Catherine feels ridiculous trying to become an actress, but lands the leading role. 
Catherine's daily routine turns into a hair-raising adventure as fame begins to surveil her wanderings and she falls for her sexy costar Greg Byron despite this actor's neon warning sign that flashes conceited womanizer. He's also smitten by her, but just when they are about to find happiness, a wolf bites him. 
While Greg's features turn lupine, Catherine discovers a resemblance between the movie script and her family's history. Frightened, Catherine recruits werewolf expert Steve to figure out if the movie's werewolf legend is real and if Wolfern, the werewolf her grandmother dreaded, has finally come for her. If so, Greg will turn into a werewolf. Only undoing Greg's curse and destroying Wolfern before the next full moon can save their love and their lives.
Mari Hamill blends fantasy, intrigue, and passion to create a chilling, unique story.




SeraphinBy Leslie Swartz

Occult Fiction

 Wyatt is a schizophrenic firefighter from New Jersey. Gabriel is the quick-witted, bisexual Messenger of God. Together with their siblings and Earth's first vampire, they must defeat the most twisted and depraved demon the world has ever known before she closes the gate between Heaven and Earth, enslaving humanity and slaughtering millions.










Apex Five (The Plane Book 1) - AMAZON

Apex5by Sarah Katz

Science Fiction - Genetic Engineering

On a barely recognizable future Earth called the Plane, humankind worships five global megastructures as relics of the mysterious Zaam.

When the dominant nation of Tabira uses remarkably advanced technology to colonize the planet, a doctor of unknown origin, military officer and tribal chief set out to restore balance.








Saving Sasquatch - AMAZON

Sasquatchby William Burnette

Science Fiction

Finding a Mythical Creature Is the Hardest Part of a Rescue… Eutimus is a Bigfoot. Normally, he keeps to himself and avoids people as much as he can. That is until his mate is killed. His anger gets the better of him and he gets his revenge. But his actions draw unwanted attention. To save him and protect his kind, Jack Cavendish is asked to get him out of danger. Without even understanding his mission, Dish is thrown into action. First he has to find a Sasquatch, which no one has ever done. Then he needs to lead it to safety. Through everything, Dish has to dodge his old friend as well as navigate the pitfalls with his new girlfriend Jessie. Leaving his Bigfoot friend would cost a lot. Hopefully helping him will not cost him love.









Shadow of the Gods: The Chronicles of Biron - Book I - AMAZON

shadowofthegodsby Alain Van der Steen


Uxunrhad, the Supreme God of Evil and his mortal ally Kaos, an evil warlock and ruler of the Land of Fire, are intending to seize power over Everything. They have devised a simple but daring plan to achieve that. 

An unexpected event which was not included in The Script of The-Big-Book-of-Everything will be the cause that their malicious plan cannot be carried out as easily as they had anticipated. During a murderous raid at his village, the farmer’s son Biron ends up in the world of the Gods by mistake. There he learns that there is only one way back, but it is certainly not the way he had hoped for. 

Together with unusual and mysterious partners, and on behalf of Aarycia, the Supreme Goddess of Good, he is sent on a quest to protect Everything from total destruction by an unimaginable evil. 

Can he comply with his destiny and succeed in overcoming both himself and Evil?





The Balance Principle - AMAZON

balanceprincipleby Alain Van der Steen

Fantasy/Science Fiction

After having been abused for more than a century by man and his extravagantly increasing needs, Earth begins destroying herself and every life on her. Alan Stone commands a modern Noah's Ark and, together with a select company, is launched into space in an ultimate attempt to continue the human race elsewhere. After more than a year of traveling, they accidentally end up on a planet that looks very much like Earth. Human life appears to be possible, but they are confronted with unexpected opponents and supporters. Did they really land on this planet by coincidence?









Framed - AMAZON

Framedby Nicci Marlyn Runkle

New Adult

Molli Douglas doesn’t believe in magic. She is a biology major who believes in the scientific method and the beauty inherent in deductive reasoning. Then she is required to take an art history class and finds herself drawn to the professor, and also to a mysterious painting that she discovers during a trip to a local art museum. 

Now, Molli is plagued by nightmares about a painting that she has just discovered for the first time. Can her sexy new professor help her? Or will she have to face this battle on her own?









The Van Helsing Paradox - AMAZON

vanhelsingby Evelyn Chartres

Dark Fantasy/ Paranormal

Clara Grey’s parents once said that the world was a dark and dangerous place. There was more truth than fiction to those words. There were things that lurked in the shadows which defied the laws of nature: perversions that fed on the dead, terrorised the living, or escaped the chill touch of the grave.

Clara is a member of the Tower, a religious order of hunters who work outside the confines of the Church. As keepers of the arcane, her order takes an active role to counter these threats. The life of a hunter can be short, and many disappear before their training is completed. So, what does it take to succeed against all odds?

Explore Clara’s origin, a child born before the dawn of the twentieth century. Witness her rigorous training, how she faces adversity, and fights in the Great War to become the derringer wielding flapper she is.

Throughout her tale, keep in mind that no matter the threat, a gal has to look out for herself after all.



Beyond the Wicked Willow: Chronicles of a Teenage Witchslayer Kindle Edition

FRANKIE FRETINI has had a horrible year. And, just when he thinks things are looking up, well…all heck breaks loose. It happens in home-ec class just moments after the girl of his dreams, Jenny Moran, invites him to the annual town carnival. Still dazed from the unexpected invite, Frankie accidentally plasters the face of school bully, Brick McDuddy, with a giant scoop of chocolate mousse. 

Embarrassed, and fuming mad, Brick plots to deliver his painful revenge at the carnival. When Frankie, and his pals, Sam, Beef, and Bookworm show up to meet Jenny, Brick and his nasty bootlickers, Harold “The Horrible” Dunson and Billy “Scat” Pile, chase them into the eerie tent of an old Gypsy fortuneteller named Mala. Trapped with nowhere to run, Frankie makes a pact with Mala not knowing that he and his pals would be swept through her crystal ball to Medieval Italy. Now, their only hope to return home rests in Frankie's hands. He must kill the evil Italian witch, Il Strega Diavolo, and rescue Mala's twin sister, Tsura. But, can Frankie find the courage to face the Strega?




Storm of Divine Light: The Tales of Tyrennia, Book One Kindle Edition

by Ernesto San Giacomo

 TyrenniaA rogue, a mage, and a monk walk into a tavern. What could possibly go wrong?

Ignited by a disturbance in the night and a bumbling stranger, the exiled master rogue Dagorat plunges into a perilous quest. Along with his witty friend Cyril the Wise, and the hopelessly naive Brother Liberon, he sets off to retrieve a holy relic stolen by the dark mages of the Golgent. 

Together, they brave the journey from the great city of Mentiria across the continent of Tyrennia to Dagorat’s former home of Easterly, where discovery means certain execution. At times astonished by his friends’ skills – and other times dumbfounded by their amateur antics – Dagorat uncovers hard truths about his past, and finds new hopes for his future. 

But the rising threat of war means his hopes tremble on a razor’s edge. Can he ever find his way out of the shadows and into the light?

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