War and Action



The Bay Phantom-Feast of the Cannibal Guild Kindle Edition

BayPhantomby Chuck Miller

When a shadowy group of criminals start shaking down restaurants in Mobile, Joe Perrone once again dons the cloak and goggles of the Bay Phantom. Shortly thereafter, wealthy young men begin dropping dead without warning. What do these things have in common with a mysterious psychic, a sinister funeral home, and a nationalist movement known as the Transatlantic Patriots Guild?

That is what the Bay Phantom must learn, and he must do it without his trusted aide, Mirabelle Darcy. She is away on a mission of her own; one that necessitates her breaking into the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. Thus left to his own devices, can the Phantom thwart the Cannibal Guild and their deadly assassin, the Mummifier? Or will he become their next victim?

Once again Chuck Miller offers up a thrilling new adventure set in the Deep South and starring his original pulp hero; The Bay Phantom. This is pulp action with an added spicy kick.


Angel of Mercy (WWI Trilogy Book 1) Kindle Edition - AMAZON

Hettie Steward is feisty, educated, ambitious and stubborn. Hettie marries the love of her life, Geoffrey Bartlette, in spring 1914, but has difficulty accepting that marriage means sacrificing her beloved nursing career. When the Great War begins, Geoffrey enlists and Hettie eagerly accepts an opportunity to join the Canadian Army Nursing Service. Although she’s nervous about the war, returning to work was exactly what she had been craving.

The old adage “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” proves true. Soon tragedy strikes, and Hettie’s life is steered onto a new path. 

Will Hettie return home or stay in Europe and continue nursing? Will she discover the person she is meant to be?






A Soldier Far Away: A Historical Novel of the Swedish Campaign of the Thirty Years War - AMAZON

ASoldierFarAwayBy Robert T. Hunting

War Fiction

Ainslie Souter, a Scottish highwayman, couldn’t care less whether Protestants or Catholics rule the world. He’s barely escaped an English noose. Now he fights as a mercenary for the Royal House of Sweden. When things settle down at home he’ll return.

Hippolito Costello, a fiery Spanish priest, accompanies Catholic forces. He has no hesitation in using his Inquisition training to help his side. Torture and death can easily be justified against Protestant apostates.

Parallel lives, yet each man is changed in his own way by the war in this literary tale, A Soldier Far Away.

The story takes readers into the last great religious war on the European continent, the 17th century. Meticulously researched, A Soldier Far Away offers a grand sweep of the Swedish campaign in northern Europe, where Catholic forces seek to roll back history.

A Soldier Far Away offers timely motifs of all wars–heroism, cowardice, incredible vanities, and idiocy of leadership. Friendships and self-interests, morality and endurance rub shoulders on a daily basis. A collection of striking men and women, from the high to the low march through the pages, but the war is primarily seen through Ainslie and Hippolito’s eyes. Scarred by what they’ve become, both find themselves in an epic battle whose outcome determines their fate.


Surviving the Nahanni - AMAZON

Nahanniby W. A. Welsh

Action and Adventure

Erik Keller has dreamed of an excursion to the Great White North ever since he was a young outdoorsman. Just when those dreams are about to become a reality, tragedy strikes and he finds himself stranded in the Canadian Nahanni National Park Reserve. Can he survive hungry predators, the ever-changing weather and the mountainous terrain? Does he have what it takes to survive and reunite with his family? Will the determination and devotion of his wife save him, or will it be the tenacity and experience of a weary Canadian Search and Rescue Officer that gets Erik home. Ultimately, it comes down to man against nature.









Jacobites by Name: Third time lucky - AMAZON

jacobitesby Sean T. Rassleagh


Angered by Scottish Government plans to hold a second independence referendum the Tories in Westminster have appointed a Viceroy to run Scotland. Thousands of police from other parts of the UK are flown in to assert control and crush the nationalists.

Enraged by the economic damage to their city and research budgets caused by Brexit and Tory cuts a shadowy organisation of University scientists lend their support to the nationalist cause and collude with the Vatican in a complicated plot to stage a third Jacobite rebellion. Launching a fleet of nuclear powered narrowboats with advanced laser weaponry from a secret base on the Union Canal they bring London to its knees, crush the Viceroy's forces in the Battle of Edinburgh Castle and invoke the secret backstop to the Treaty of Union to make Scotland an independent country.

Science fiction mixes with political satire and heresy in a lighthearted romp which will leave no one unoffended.





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