Poetry and Short Stories


A Glimmer of Hope Kindle Edition

by Cassandra Peak



Glimmer of Hope is a poetry book touching on various subjects near and dear to the author's heart. Many of the poems express her lifelong struggles between depression, abuse, and being autistic. Other poems, are her reflection on things happening in everyday life. It is the hope, that as a reader, they too can read along and find remnants of themselves written on paper.










Music by Dustin Lewit





Might be good to help fill you with inspiration to write. The album contains 15 songs and runs for just under 40 minutes.






A Vow: A Collection of Love Poems Kindle Edition

by Aurélien Thomas


Love and lust.
In sickness and in health.
A Vow is a whimsy collection of love poems,
embracing from the sweet and cheeky
to the bold and sexy.


Greater Extremes Kindle Edition

by Jim Goforth

ExtremesThe world is full of monstrous people, monstrous things, monstrous deeds. 
What happens when you become involved, hopelessly ensnared in a nightmare world from which there is no escape?
What happens when a lifetime of bad decisions comes back to haunt you?
What happens when you are pushed into the darkest of corners, when the world you thought you knew becomes something else? Something horrifying, something ugly?
The latest volume in the Extremes series assembles more horror tales that wallow in filth and fear, in perversion and pain, monstrosity and mayhem. 
All manner of things can drive a person to extremes. And beyond.
You can go to Extremes; you can even go to More Extremes. Now and then, Greater Extremes are called for. 










Symbolum Venatores: The Gabriel Kane CollectionKindle Edition

Symbolumby Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II

”From Dracula, The Invisible Man, Phantom of the Opera, Zombies in Feudal Japan, and UFOs during the American Civil War, one man was there for them all. This collection features ten stories throughout points in history where Gabriel Kane was present. from his youth and middle-age, these accounts were his duty and his purpose.









By the Loo and In The Waiting Room Kindle Edition

BytheLooby Kathryn Duff (Author)

When I was growing up, in every Australian household (as far as I knew) there would usually be a small table, shelf or rack outside the toilet. 
Here would be a selection of reading material. 
Ours contained National Geographic, Readers Digest and old copies of the Women’s Weekly. 
Waiting rooms in Doctors and Dentist surgeries contained similar types of offerings, I would always become engrossed in a story and then beg to take it with me.
“By the Loo and in the Waiting Room” then is a book of short stories intended to be of the same flavour – light and easy to read whilst providing something to occupy the mind during a spot of boredom.
Herein lies a short story selection of humour, romance, mayhem and mystery.






Healing the Broken Things: From the Author of the Blog - Athousandbitsofpaper.com (Poetry Anthology Book 1) - Amazon

HealingBrokenthingsby Kathryn Duff (Author)

Wabi sabi is a Japanese view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one that is beautiful because (not despite) being imperfect, impermanent or incomplete. 

Our relationships with our loved ones and ourselves are in a constant state of flux - we go on. We are torn, we are worn and we go on - usually with a greater compassion and understanding for each other then before. This poetry collection contains work that is raw, passionate and human.

Lyrical and rhythmic the poems follow the familiar style which loyal readers of Kate's blog at Athousandbitsofpaper.com have come to love and although her tribe is still relatively small, it is growing organically which each early morning post.

Kate has been writing since 2014 yet has only just begun to publish her words. This book marks a new adventure in publishing with subsequent titles already well under way.







Until Nothing Was Left: A collection of poems for those who have loved, lost, and found the courage to love again. Kindle Edition

NothingLeftby Amanda Lucinda 

Embark on a journey through the pitfalls of relationships, broken families, and womanhood in the pages of "until nothing was left: a collection of poems for those who have loved, lost, and found the courage to love again." Amanda Lucinda’s debut collection contains affirmations and story-like poems that are relatable to readers who are in the throes of both familial and relationship angst or have risen from the ashes of a recent uncoupling. The author also weaves undertones of empowerment and self-love into her writings.







Mini Tales Fairies A Western Rescue - SMASHWORDS

MiniTalesBy Havelah McLat

Join the fairies as they soar on an adventure in the west. When the humans capture a black stallion, the fairies launch a rescue to bring him home. But then their lives and the future of all fall into jeopardy as a wildfire spreads across the land. Will they be spared from the wildfire? Read it to find out!

Join Miranda and her friends as they soar on an adventure in the west. On their summer visit, two fairies come across mustangs and humans. When the humans capture the black stallion, the leader of the mustangs, the fairies launch a rescue to bring him home. While on their mission, Miranda develops a friendship with two human girls. But then their lives and the future of all fall into jeopardy as a wildfire spreads across the land. Will the lives of the girls and the mustangs be spared from the wildfire? Read it to find out!







Arc City Stories (a cyberpunk anthology) Kindle Edition

ArcCity by Todd Cinani (Author), J. L. Aarne (Author), Davene Le Grange (Author), Patrick Tillett (Author), Max McCamish (Author), Tracy Cross (Author), Ava Silurian (Author), Amber Benbow (Author)

 A city that exists in a world beyond governments, where war and climate change have destroyed the old order. Corporations are now the authorities of the surviving city states. The elite live in luxury above the clouds in their towers, everyone else lives further down, based on their corporate and economic worth.

Arc City Stories is an exciting, action-packed collection of nine cyberpunk tales, written by eight authors, of various citizens each trying to survive, in their own way, this brave new world.

Can also be found at BLKDogPublishing






Luck: Stories (Amazon)

Luckstoriesby Ed Meek

A young bartender in Boston's North End finds himself complicit in the breakdown of his roommate's relationship with a girlfriend; a married, middle-aged professor of composition abjectly crumbles under the stress of his affair with a beautiful student. In his debut fiction collection, poet Ed Meek vividly reimagines a gritty, freewheeling 1970s New England whose cynical, impulsive inhabitants--torn between the longing for human connection and the fear of domesticity--negotiate the blurry boundaries of personal responsibility. With these deceptively mundane accounts of ordinary lives in transition, Meek paints a humane, subtle portrait of ordinary people grasping at explanations for the things they do.





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