Comedy, Humor and Satire 



Eat. Drink. F*ck. And What Happens Next on The Hierarchy of Need.: #3 How I Became A Lothario Kindle Edition

EatDrinkby EmptyNest Xpress and, O.U. Rasscalle

Saturday Morning. August 4, 2018.


I was going to do some grocery shopping this morning.

Came out to the truck. Noticed something shimmering next to the passenger side in the driveway. Went to inspect.

Glass. Fucking glass. The passenger side window had been busted out.

A fucking Five hundred dollar truck that was brand new back in 1994 but had definitely seen better days was now royally fucked up.

Why had I locked the fucking doors?

Why not just leave everything fucking left wide open and let whoever lame assed mother fucker that felt the need to ransack my fucking truck for spare change pillage the mother fucker and be on his way.


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