Frequently Asked Questions - Freelance Content FAQs

FAQs - Freelance Content FAQs

You questions about ordering and recieving freelance content.

The total costs of your content will primarily be dependent on the word count.  Prices range between .15 and .30 cents per word depending on the number of articles you are requesting.  Bulk discounts are available, and pricing packages are listed in Pricing and Content Types.  Taxes and other such fees that you might pay on a bulk content website (content mill) are included in the per word price.

When you pay for a piece of content from Stacey's Freelancing, you can expect that you will receive content that is 100 percent plagiarism free, well-researched and formatted.  All content is ran through grammarly and a plagiarism checker before being sent to you in order to ensure your content is the highest quality possible.

Payments are accepted via PayPal.  Upon successful agreement on the scope and length of your content, you will be sent an invoice from PayPal. All content is 100 percent prepaid.  Once your payment is received, work on your content will commence in accordance with the timeframes listed in content pricing..

If you've used a large content website prior to reaching Stacey Carroll's Freelancing, you know that all content sites require you to put money into your account before you can place an order.  Here at Stacey Carroll Freelancing, we also require that you pay for content up front.  This helps us pay our writers in a timely manner once your content has been completed and sent to you.

The finished content is 100 percent yours.  You are free to change it and adjust it as you wish.  You can even put your name or your client's name on it.  Stacey's Freelancing does not retain any rights, not even name recognition once you purchase the content.

If you need a revision of your content, you should contact Stacey's Freelancing as soon as possible with your revision requests so that they can be performed in a timely manner.

Most clients do not need any revisions to their content.  However, I do provide up to three free revisions if I forgot something or missed something within the directions.

Please try and make your directions and content desires clear when you place your order. If upon placing your order, you immediately realize you forgot to mention something, email me as soon as possible at  I usually start on content 24 to 48 hours after recieving the request, so there's a good chance if you are within this timeframe, I can make adjustments to your order directions.

Stacey's Freelancing would be happy to write the content your client needs.  If it's been less than 48 hours since you've placed your order, email me immediately as with your updated content needs so that I can change the topic/scope of your article. 


If you have the finished content and upon submitting it to your client, you find out they don't like the topic and need an entirely new article, we have to charge for both articles since the changed topic would require additional research and writing time.


To avoid this type of scenario, we always recommend that you check any topic/content ideas with your end client prior to submitting orders.

Here at Stacey's Freelancing, we know how important it is to have an intro image in each and every article in order to help attract visitor/reader interest.  If you need image links to places like Shutterstock, our writers are happy to provide them, but we do not purchase images from image sites.  That would give us the licensing and not you.  Places that allow you to download and use images for free include Free ImagesPixaBayPexels and Stock Free Images.

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