Frequently Asked Questions - Freelance Content FAQs

FAQs - Freelance Content FAQs

You questions about ordering and recieving freelance content.

Stacey's Freelancing in Indianapolis is happy to work with you on your budget.  We understand that you need content, and your budget may not always allow you to pay the listed prices. If you have a specific budget in mind, and it does not align with our current listed prices, please email us at to see if we can work within your budget.


If you cannot pay right away, we will store your article, blog posts and topic ideas in our database so that we can quickly access your content needs when you are able to pay.  Work will begin on your content as soon as we recieve payment.

You get great, well-researched content!  You also have the ability to contact the writer at your leisure without having to log into a content website and fiddle with their messaging system, which may be slightly clunky when compared to Facebook messenger and email.

Here at Stacey Carroll Freelancing, we often partner with Brand Shamans when we need additional writers to handle large orders or if we have a sudden high volume of content.  In general, we employ an additional 2 to 6 writers when needed.

If you need a revision, please email as soon as possible so that your revision can be completed in  a timely manner.  If your client refuses the article, also email right away so that we can work something out. 


If the end result is a refund for that article, all rights revert back to Stacey's Freelancing, and you will not be able to post or use the content in any manner.  Stacey's Freelancing will then strip any identifying information and use that article as a sample or resell it.

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