Line Editing

Common price: $48.00 Our price: $35.00 each

Line Editing


It's important to understand that line editing is not copyediting or proofreading.  It does not involve fixing your manuscript for mistakes, like punctuation errors or grammar usage.  Though, that may occur to some extent during the process.


Instead a line edit includes:

  • Redundant words, passages and sentences
  • Run-on sentences
  • Passages that are confusing
  • Unfinsihed passages
  • Content flow
  • Pacing problems
  • Description problems (too much/too little)
  • Time gaps and jumps that don't make sense
  • Sentence and dialogue tightening

This edit results in a combination of changes to the text and comments in areas that should be reworked by the author. 

When should you order this?  Between your fourth and fifth draft if you are following my 5 draft model.  Otherwise, as soon as you feel you have a solid story. 

It's important to understand that after this edit, you'll still have to read through the changes and make your own changes.  Once you are finished making your own changes, you can polish your novel yourself, or you can hire a proofreader.

Pricing is $35 per 1,000 words.

Pricing Scenarios

  • 1,000 words - 1 unit $35
  • 2,000 words - 2 units $70
  • 3,000 words - 3 units $105
  • 5,000 words - 5 units $175
  • 10,000 words - 10 units $350
  • 40,000 words - 40 units $1,400
  • 80,000 words - 80 units $2,800
  • ect

How to estimate your word counts

I understand that no word count is ever even.  For that reason, it's okay to estimate your word count.  For example, if you have 2,499 words you want line edited, round down to 2 units.  If you have 2,500 words, round up to 3 units.

What to do if you are unsure about hiring line editing from Stacey's Freelancing

You can always send as little or as much of your manuscript as you wish.  You can send at little as the first 1,000 words, but I recommend sending at least your first chapter and paying for those words.  There's no obligation to send the rest of your manuscript.


Please send your file as a .doc or as a .docx to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you'd prefer developmental editing, check out my developmental editing service.


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