One of the biggest complaints of using Twitter is all the scam and fake accounts. The good news is that these guys are relatively easy to spot, and if you aren’t sure and accidentally follow them, they’ll usually out themselves pretty quickly, usually anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

What Do These Scammers Want?

They want your hard-earned money or your personal information so they can commit identity theft and still get your hard-earned money. I’m just going to be blunt, if anyone asks you for money for nothing, do not give it to them. They didn’t work for it. They aren’t providing you a service or a product. They need to get a job and stop being a scamming loser. In short, don’t give your money to people who ask you for it and expect to have to give you nothing in return. Ten dollars is an hour’s worth of work for a low-end service job. Just remember that.

Understanding What a Twitter Scam Account Looks Like

Most of the Twitter scam accounts look exactly the same. It’s the same theme, just a various of words. Red flag words for me include: divorced, widowed, single, one kid, love my daughter, military, general and any type of doctor. In short, if it reads like a dating profile you’d see on Match, it’s probably a scam. Also beware of any profiles that are exceptionally vague or empty profiles. While these may be real people, it’s more likely that it’s just a scammer that hasn’t gotten around to filling out their profiles.

Example Scam Profiles

Here are some examples. A good rule of thumb – If it sounds like bullshit, it probably is.

  • Single and honest dad - bullshit

  • I’m very nice and gentle. and I don’t take shit – the latter is just to make you think they might be real by adding a curse word

  • All I can control is myself and just keep having a positive attitude. - Grade-A crap

  • Because am honest to my self and to the people around me, that make's me special and am happy about it. - Too positive to be real

  • lovely and kind – yeah right.

  • I am doctor working with the UN government.. I'm Engr Steven from United State But Currently working here in Afghanistan - the name on this account was William, yet, this is Edgar? Nevermind the fact that UN and Afghanistan are red flag words.

  • Take good care of yourself.. - Suck a you know what. This is vague and stupid.

  • hey friend's – A good indication of what you’ll get in a DM if you follow this account.

  • self creative – trying to look like a writer or artist account. Too vague, can’t tell.

  • I am single. i am 5'7" tall with a Brown eyes, i do not Smoke and i do drink Alcohol. - dating language. Fishing or catfishing account

  • The sweetest place is to be in someones thoughts and the safest place is to be in someones heart. - Sickeningly sweet. No way this is a real account.

  • I love fishing and reading documentary – Vague, grammatically incorrect. Red flag username (Typically, anything William, Michael, Joseph or Harry)

  • Humble – single word profile. Vague, positive word

  • Hi my name is ousman I an from Gambia I am finding for relationship – Gambia and relationship. Just say no

  • I like people who gives care and special attention to me. I'm matured enough to handle a family on our own. I'm a God-fearing, sweet, honest . - Sets off my bullshit meter

  • Life is meant for two – Dating profile language

  • C. E. O At Hope For the kids Uganda Abbey – great if this is true, but I highly doubt it.

  • I am an easy going man, like to stay optimistic about life. I feel that everything should be taken step by step and that we should treat others as we desire too – Sets off my bullshit meter

  • I have always had the zeal to serve humanity so I decided to join the army and because I also like to be in the position to save the weak people from oppression – Nope. Lots of red flags in this. Also, this is a slap in the face to people who really do serve in the military.

  • Am looking for someone who will love and care about me for a long time relationship that can lead to marriage. I'm a Loving, caring, honest, understanding – Dating profile on Twitter. Just say No.

  • Easy going very humble – yeah right.

  • Outdoors funny fellow always up for a party with friends keen on success.. - What? No.

  • I'm a lovely man with a caring heart – So long as you keep sending this guy money

  • I hate liars cheaters and betrayed I am here looking for a good relationship – Just a variation on the dating theme. Negatively is thrown in to try and fool you.

  • I am a honest and respectful man – Nope

  • I'm an Orthopedic Surgeon! my job is to save lives that as been my dream even when I was a child – More than likely a scam. I feel bad for real surgeons when I see this. They put in a lot of hard work to get where they are, and this scammer is trying to take credit for that.

  • I'm working as a engineer – I don’t think so

  • A child who believe that the song God had paid for us – Completely nonsensical

  • Always be positive in your mindset – More happy-crappy

  • Am XXX looking for good relationship am not here for game text me on my hangout email address *&^%@gmail.comScam with the gmail address included. You can expect that gmail in your DM box if you follow this POS

  • I love my life – I don’t care. And honestly, the reason they love it is probably because of all the scam money they have.

  • A compeling story about a queen who stood up to abuse - Available on amazon and other online bookshops - +omittedphonenumber. - fake author account. This SOB has a phone number in it! No way.

  • Well i believe in Christ, am a good christian but i believe that every religion teaches of good deeds, peace and unity,.. - Slap in the face to anyone who really is religious. I’d bet money this is fake.

  • Well. I am Lieutenant General Kenneth S. Wilsbach from Chattanooga Tennessee. But I am currently in Afghanistan for NATO Peacekeeping Mission… - Fake military account. Extremely disrespectful.

  • Duke of Sussex – Anything like this that mentions actor, royalty or famous person without a blue checkmark is something to avoid. (There are exceptions to this. Not every famous person has a blue checkmark, but unless you know the account is real…)

  • First Chief Mate at MEARSK Line Shipping company – I don’t think so. These jobs are so rare that this is not likely to be true.

  • I'm a honest man who love to traveling to see new things.. I have only one daughter – Classic fake account.

  • I'm a father and a medical doctor – Completely insulting for the individuals where this is true

  • my character and good heart makes me special – No it doesn’t, and I seriously doubt this is true

  • I am a God fearing man, I do have my Christian faith to credit for my life, attitude and success.... I'm a drilling petroleum engineer – yeah right. Scam account. Not to mention, this is a super dangerous job, and individuals who actually do work these positions deserve respect.

  • Facebook lottery winners update me on here – Anything that mentions lottery in any form is fake. No lottery winner in their right mind would announce themselves.

What Should You Do if You Can’t Tell?

Some fake profiles are so well written that it’s impossible to tell. What you can look at is how many followers they have and the date of creation. If they have very few followers or created the account yesterday, it’s probably fake. You can also look at what they’ve tweeted. If you see the words “Hello”, “How are you”. “It’s good to meet you”, there’s a good chance it’s not anyone you want to follow. Also check for an excessive number of images, especially images that don’t match the account profile, military images and images of the type of stuff you’d see on a “feed the children” commercial. Fake accounts generally have a lot of retweets. And I mean every tweet is a retweet, and they don’t appear to fit a theme.

What Happens if You Do Actually Follow a Fake or Scammer Account?

They’re going to out themselves sooner rather than later. Generally, you will get some type of non-sensical DM. I got one the other day asking me if I was a part of the Writing Community on twitter. That information is readily available in my profile. On the off-chance that it really was an author in need of help, I checked out the profile and the tweets. They fell into the above categories, and there was nothing about writing anywhere in the tweets. You may also receive a Hello or How are you DM. Anything along those lines means you probably need to delete the DM and block the account.

What about the ONLY FOR YOU YouTube DMs?

This is some sort of virus or account hack. The account is probably real, but a scammer or hacker was able to take control of the account via some means. If you see this, do not under any circumstances click on it. If you know the account is real, please alert the owner and tell them they need to change their password and check their computer, phone or other digital device for viruses. If you don’t know them, you may consider blocking them.

 Are All Accounts with This Language Fake?

Not every account that has this type of language or similiar language is going ot be fake.  When I was going through looking for fake accounts, I actually came across two or three that I had initially dismissed as fake that were real. Most had over 1,000 followers. If it's a fake account, they don't make it to numbers that high.  Usually it's in the less than 100 to 200 or so before they get reported or auto-deleted by Twitter.  Always use your best judgement when determining whether or not to follow or follow-back an account.


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