If you were hoping the corona virus only affected Corona beer, you’d be sadly mistaken. In fact, it has nothing to due with the beer and everything to do with a new viral strain of cold or flu, depending on your assessment of the situation. The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is running rampant across the globe. It’s caused various countries to implement strict control measures, including banning travel, even within cities, except for food and medicine. In the USA, school and colleges have closed and many events and conventions have been canceled, including sporting events. Locally, you’ve probably noticed that grocery stores, big box retailers and pharmacies are running out of or are completely out of basic necessities, like toilet paper, soaps and hand sanitizers. As of late last night, many stores were starting to run out of food, including Meijer, Target, Costco and Kroger. Amazon is also nearly out of toilet paper and hand sanitizers and soaps. The panic started when the WHO declared COVID a pandemic on March 11, 2020, and Europe is now considered the epicenter of the outbreak.


Update: National Emergency Declared

  • Testing becoming available in Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens Parking lots
  • Restrcitions removed for hospitals and doctors inorder to increase patient access
  • Student loan interest discontinued (for federal held loans)
  • Large quantities of oil being purchased (LOL Okay. I don't know why....)
  • 100,000+ tests available in a few days
  • Future regulations for these types of things being reworked
  • No progress on coronavirus bill yet


At 3:00 PM March 13, 2020 President Trump Is Rumored to Declare a National Emergency

In 1976, Congress passed a law called the National Emergencies Act (HR 3884). It defines the powers of the President of the United States of America during emergencies. It is intended to only be used in situations where immediate responses are needed and the country has experienced a significant threat. In this instance, the immediate threat is a virus for which no one has an inherent immunity against. It threatened to sicken between 1/3rd and 1/2 of the people in the United States and kill between 500,000 and 1.5 million people. The exact numbers are impossible to determine, and these are considered worst-case scenarios.

In addition to declaring a national emergency, he is expected to invoke the Stafford Act for emergency disaster relief and assistance. This would free an estimated $42 billion for states for disaster relief, which is expected to be used for testing, medical supplies and vaccines.

Stocking for COVID 19

It is recommended that you stock your home with food and supplies for at least two weeks.  This includes, food, sanitary items, medications, pet food and other items that you deem essential for your daily life. I, personally, stocked for 30 days.

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