In the past, there were numerous writers who wrote essays about their hardships. They explained daily life, how they felt and what was going on around them? I haven’t felt the need to do so, and I’m not sure I feel the need today. I just have nothing better to do. After being slammed with articles related to COVID-19 for the last two weeks, I’m now out of paid work. I still have plenty of work on my website though.

How Has Life Changed Since March 16, 2020?

My daily life hasn’t changed. Apparently, I’ve been in quarantine or self-isolation since 2010 and didn’t know it. Many other work at home people are stating the same thing. Nothing’s really changed on a day to day basis. You only notice the changes when you watch the news. There are travel bans and stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines and personal space guidelines and handwashing guidelines. This means there’s much less traffic on the roads than would be normally. If you take a look at the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus map, you’ll see that it’s April 9, 2020, and there have been a total of 1,536,979 coronavirus cases to date with 93,425 deaths across the global. Locally, in the United states, there are an estimated 451,491 confirmed cases. The WHO has slightly different numbers. They confirm 1,356,780 cases with 395,030 cases in the United States if you look at your search engine. When going into the actual WHO map, you get, again, different results.

  • 1,439,516 total world cases

  • 82,837 new cases

  • 85,711 deaths

The US Supply Chain Is Fundamentally Defunct

Does anyone remember the Buy American push in the 1980s? Apparently, we all should have taken that a lot more seriously. Our manufacturing and basic supplies are manufactured overseas. This includes paper products, medicines and medical equipment. The NY governor, Andrew Cuomo, complain about this on a daily basis. Where are the ventilators, latex gloves, face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, medicines, toilet paper and other PPE? China. Where did this virus start? CHINA!!!! Does that make sense to you? It sure as hell doesn’t make sense to me. Its’ time to pull things back into our borders. What is happening right now is absolutely ludicrous.

Our Manufacturing Facilities that We Do Have, Can’t RAMP IT UP!

Now, here’s where daily life is affected. There’s nothing to buy. It very much feels like our manufacturers are not taking this seriously. Things that can’t be bought or are very difficult to find.

  • Toilet paper

  • Paper towels

  • Canned goods

  • Facial tissues

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Disinfectants (lysol, bleach, all purpose cleaners)

  • Fresh meat

  • Fresh Vegetables

  • OTC medications (Antacids, anti-diarrheal) – Let me just point out that COVID-19 does not cause intestinal issues (only in rare cases). What might be happening though is that people’s diets have dramatically changed. They may very well be eating foods they do not normally eat, and I can tell you that if you only eat out and all of a sudden, you have to eat homecooked food, you will be sick. This is because the body does not have what it takes to process real food. It takes about a month to be able to process real food without getting sick once you go off a high fast food diet.

I will say that not being able to find the things I want to purchase as reasonable prices is pissing me off. It’s been almost a month since the pandemic was declared, and we are still out of basic cleaning supplies and paper products. That is absolutely, 100 percent UNACCEPTABLE! And I will go so far as to state that these manufactures that are not taking this seriously need to be SEVERELY PUNISHED once this is over. I have very much had ENOUGH of this no product bullshit, and I am not afraid to say it.

To make this even worse, many retailers have stopped online ordering and delivery. Yeah, that’s right. It’s available IN STORE so you can get infected. Did anyone bother to tell these dumbshits that coronavirus hangs in the air for up to 3 hours, which means you can walk into it? The stupidity of that move is just beyond comprehension. If you don’t believe me, try and order something from Target or Walmart or Dollar General. Even CVS. These guys need a fucking clue-by-four. 

So there’s my COVID-19 rant. It’s been 29 days since the pandemic was declared.

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