I've decided to start exercising with yoga. I'm sure I'll add things to it, but I'm so out of shape that yoga needs to be the starting point. This is day 1 of a 30 day program for weight loss.  However, as you can see, I'm not going to lose 40 to 60 pounds in 30 days.  However, I hope I lose something, and I get moving on the correct path.  While writing is important to me, and I do an awful lot of it, sometimes the best thing to do is to get up.


I am a really far author who's decided to do yoga to get my muscle strength back and do some toning. To be quite honest, I don't expect 30 days to do much, but I do expect it to get me started on the path back to my healthy weight, which is about 145 pounds. I am currently 207. this puts me about 4 pounds into the OBESE category. Also, I hold all my weight in my stomach, so you know what that does. It increases my risk for high blood pressure and diabetes and all the great, awesome, fantastic shit that goes along with that. I would like to avoid those things, so it's time for me to get my ass back in gear and do something.

I'm also under no disillusions as to why I'm fat. I'm an author and a freelance writer. This means that I am sedentary. I get very little, if any, exercise on a daily basis. I also eat like I'm still working retail 8 to 10 hours a day. I haven't done retail in more than 10 years. So, I guess the goal is to build back all that muscle I've lost over the last ten years by sitting on my ass.

If you're wondering why yoga, it's because I am starting with nothing. I have no strength, no endurance and no muscle tone. I've been sitting on my tail for 10 years. I'm in bad physical shape. I can barely do a load of dishes without my lower back hurting.It's time to do something about this. So, here is day 1 of my journey.I hope you enjoy fat author doing yoga.

For those watching this video, it looks like a lot of nothing. I'm telling you, if you have an amazon prime membership and you attempt this, it will kick your butt every single day. To be honest, I've done day 1 three times. That's how long it took me to do it without falling over! And you will fall over, especially if you have no core strength. My core strength is still terrible. I'm just not falling over.... much.... anymore.

I'm also not showing the actual video. It's just me trying to do this stuff, so you can watch by bigass belly hanging out of my shirt. It's not pretty, and I guess it shouldn't be. I am really fat and really out of shape. How I think I look and how I actually look are two totally different things, and I will show you all the ugly while I try and get myself back.

I'm doing the 30 day yoga for weight loss on amazon prime video:


Julian Marie has a few videos on YouTube, but not the program I'm doing:


If you want to read my books, please check them out at amazon:





Breakfast for me is always hashbrowns, bacon, onions and peppers and cheese in a bowl with ketchup.

Lunch is usually a granola bar.

Dinner was shepard's pie. You can find the recipie here: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/shepherds-pie-recipe2-1942900

I use ground beef, not lamb, and I don't really like peas all that often, so I tend to skip them.

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