This is day 2 of a fat author does yoga! Am I improving? I doubt it. Am I sore? Nope. I bet I will be eventually though.


I'm doing the 30 day yoga for weight loss on amazon prime video:


Julian Marie has a few videos on YouTube, but not the program I'm doing:


If you want to read my books, please check them out at amazon:


And now for me grumping my way through another Yoga class.



Breakfast is still hashbrowns, bacon, onions, peppers and cheese in a bowl with ketchup.  If you want to eat a poached egg on dry toast with black coffee, feel free to do it. If I did it, I would for sure lose weight, cause I'd toss it in the trash.

Lunch is still granola bars.


Dinner tonight was more shepard's pie. If you want to eat boiled chicken with boiled vegetables and plain rice, that's your choice. Me, I'll have the pie, thanks.

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