I am sorry to say that it is. Sadly, I found this out first hand after I purchased a MOTO e, due to a recent email from Comcast that stated:


Support for your device is coming to an end


As of January 1, 2021, our network partner will begin phasing out its 3G network. As a result of these network updates, phones that use only 3G networks to make and receive calls and are not compatible with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will experience a degradation or total loss of service and will no longer be supported.


We’ve identified the following phone on your account that will not be supported by Xfinity Mobile as of January 1, 2021:


LG X power


We want to help you stay connected. Shop online, visit an Xfinity Store, or give us a call at (844) 202-9007 to purchase a new device for your line. If you’re no longer using the device listed above, you can reach out to check if the phone you are using will still be supported.


We’ll notify you again before we stop supporting your device.


Needless to say, rather than waiting until the last minute, I decided to see if they had any sales for those of us that were going to be forced to change phones. My current LG Xcharge was paid off, and I had no intentions of getting a new phone. After all, why would I want a new bill in the middle of a pandemic? Hint: I don’t.



Low and behold, I found a sale on a MOTO e. regularly $149, but on sale for $0.00 per month due to a $149 credit. The caveat, cause there always is:



How this works

  1. Buy this device today and get your first monthly credit.

  2. Transfer your number and activate your device within 30 days of purchase date.

  3. Enjoy lower monthly payments — device credits continue as long as you transfer your number and complete activation.*

*If line is canceled, voluntarily or involuntarily, or device payments are accelerated, the remaining credits associated with device payments are lost.


So, all right. I can’t get the sale and open another line, like say if I wanted to have a personal and a business cell phone. Fine. I’ll transfer my number, which I did. I transferred the line from an LG Xcharge to the MOTO e.


My Caveat: Had the MOTO e not been on sale or had they no sales, I would have gotten another LG or a Samsung, since I own a Samsung tablet. While I’ve owned Motorola phones before, I don’t really prefer them, and I’m not sure that I’m happy with the MOTO e. It is weird. There’s no way to “close all apps” and the apps leave off at the same spot you pushed them away. That’s really annoying. So, this isn’t my favorite cell phone to date, and without the sale, I would have chosen something different. Let’s not forget that I would have chosen something different after the cell service for my current phone degraded so much that I could not use it. I was NOT in the market for a new cell phone.


Credit Not Applied: Are We Surprised?


Today, that credit was not applied, apparently, I still owe $143 on this phone. Keep in mind that the line is activated. The number was transferred. The sale price was never initiated. I contacted Comcast, always a pleasure (and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible) the end result was that they were not going to honor the sale price. That, folks, is false advertising. After my dealings with this company over the last year, I more or less expected this behavior. Hence, all the screenshots. The bad news is that you shouldn’t expect this from a well-known established company, but of course, we’re talking about Comcast. The bottom line, don’t believe any of Comcast’s advertisements or sales. the fun part is that I can actually prove this scam. The sale is still ongoing, and I have the screenshots. And yes, I know who to contact about false advertising.


Resolution sept. 21/2020: Comcast/Xfinity will update their wording on the sale to be more clear that the transfer cannot be phone to phone, and it must be from X carrier to Xfinity.  Fine.  It didn't solve my problem, so I told them to go ahead and process a return for the MOTO e.  I like my Xcharge.  Fast forward 5 minutes later, they can't reactive the LG Xcharge without contacting tech support and jumping through a whole lot of hoops to try and get a 2017 phone back on the network. It'd cost them more to get my Xcharge back onto the network than it would to just give me the MOTO e.


End result - the MOTO e ended up being free, but not due to the sale, simply due to the fact that my other phone was so old, it would cost too much to put it back on the network. Seriously, there were like 10 steps to that and putting in a support ticket to have Comcast's tech support force the phone back onto the network was just 1. Then, the MOTO e would cease to function. THEN, I'd have to switch cards and turn the Xcharge back on and hope that it worked.

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