The Importance of Book Reviews from a Readers Perspective!


The feeling of cracking open a new book that you are excited to read is one that goes unmatched. It is one of the best feelings in the world. Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, sometimes you purchase books based off of the description or author and end up a bit let down once you start digesting the story. It is easy to get sucked in by marketing propaganda and buzz, but your fellow book lovers have no problem spilling the truth. Before you buy, make sure it will satisfy! There are tons of sites and apps out there for sharing your opinions on literature, but some rise above the rest. Here's a list of five book review sites that will not let you down: 




AllReaders is an easy to use book review system that categorizes books by plot, setting, character, and writing style. If you tend to be drawn to certain character traits or a sneaky turn of events, AllReaders will be able to point you in the right direction! Although their summaries are "detailed and specific," they are written for all readers to be able to understand. No tricks, no hassle, just books at your fingertips. 


Goodreads is a hub for book enthusiasts young and old. This platform allows members to participate in group discussions and contribute their personal perspective. No matter what type of review you are looking for--anecdotal, a thorough analysis, or just a passing comment--Goodreads members will have you covered. 


BookRiot is great for not only reading book summaries, which are categorized by genre with new novels constantly being added, but to also read interviews with the author about their work. In addition to having a shop where you can immediately purchase a book if you should choose to, it offers options for audiobooks as well. The voice of other readers is less present in the postings here, but the inside scoop from your favorite authors can be very telling. 
LibraryThing is an amazing resource for finding out more information on literally any type of text. It is an online catalog created by readers, for readers. Books are tagged, rated, summarized, and reviewed by both the original poster and other members. LibraryThing also includes a section where information about related books, events, and other media can be noted. 
Shelf Awareness is an online newsletter that provides information weekly to its members, catering to the needs of both authors and those who work in the book industry. This resource offers information about the top 25 books of the week, new authors and works coming your way, and author interviews. Both newsletters are free to sign up for. 

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