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Indianapolis, born, bred and raised thriller author, Stacey Carroll is known for her unique perspectives on life and fiction. Influenced by Anne Rice, Stephen King and the Grimms Brothers, combined with the pure hatred of Disney endings, her novels are equally gritty and sexy with well-developed, realistic characters.

Additional influences on writing are her degrees. She has a Masters in HRD, a Bachelors in Aviation and a Computer science minor. All of these factors and her experience in flying Cessna 152s, 172s, King Airs and Piper Senecas have resulted in fiction novels that feature satisfying mature content emphasizing the characters.


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When you’re in business, whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, operating as a sole-proprietor, LLC or S-corp, it’s extremely important to provide exemplary customer service in order to maintain your current customer base and grow. However, many companies, especially Comcast go out of their way to make terrible customer service a priority.

The Number One Reason Customers Quit Businesses

According to American Express, 86 percent of customers quit a business due to a bad customer experience. This means that it’s not due to getting a bad quality product or service, it’s absolutely due to the way the company handles the customer experience. For a brick and mortar store, providing a good customer experience may be as easy as having employees readily available to help customers find items and offering a speedy checkout service. If the customer does get a hold of a bad product or accidentally purchases the wrong product, it may be as simple as offering a speedy return process. For online companies, it means have quick phone customer service and/or no-hassle online options, like email and a chat option, where customers can get a fast resolution to their problems, questions or concerns.

Understanding What Makes Up a Bad Customer Service Experience

1. Make Your Phone Number Impossible to Find

While many businesses no longer provide a phone number for customer support, if you have one, you need to have it logically placed where it is readily viewable. You should also not offer callback solutions without providing the full number. No one wants to wait for someone to get around to calling back. People's time is valuable, and the faster someone can get ahold of an agent and solve their problem, the better.

2. Use a Complicated Automated Phone Menu That Prevents Customers from Reaching a Live Agent

The biggest offender of this is Comcast, which now goes by the subname Xfinity. Of course, Comcast has one of the worst ratings for customer service that you could have as a business, and part of that reason is that they make it impossible to get problems solved. If you call them, you must move through a complex automated voice menu where if you choose the wrong options, you’ll get stuck in an endless loop.

For Example: I recently called Xfinity to inquire about the status of a help request ticket. I got the voice automation which first asks to verify your address, then provides you with a list of options. My ticket was in regards to billing, so I said billing. Instead of directing me to a customer service representative in billing, it gave me another automated menu, asking me to pay my bill, hear my balance or do some other crap that was completely irrelevant to why I was calling.

Once I circled back to the original menu by saying main menu, I said billing. I got the same freaking options along with would you like us to send you a link via text. NO! OMG. After several rounds of that BS, I finally said Customer Service. That got me to an agent. BTW, they don't give you the option to say Customer Service agent. You have to remember that it's an option.

 (Sponsored by Amazon)

3. Use Customer Service Agents Not in the Country of the Caller.

The days of being able to route calls from one country to another country are over, even if the representative speaks the desired language. This is because non-native speakers can have thick accents that make them extremely difficult to understand. For example, you don’t want to route a native German speaker to someone who speaks German as a second language. This could result in words being mispronounced to the point where they are incomprehensible.

In my case, I was routed to someone with a heavy Indian accent. While I’m pretty good at translating heavy accents, it was nearly impossible for me to figure out what this agent was telling me. Part of it was his heavy accent. The other part of it was due to barely being able to hear him. Eventually, I had to request an agent that was a native English speaker, and I had to request that four times because the agent was like - I can help you.  Yes, but I cannot understand you, and I will not be agreeing to anything I don't understand.  I had to say that four times to get a transfer.

4. Provide Bullshit Answers and Delay Answering Questions

Providing good customer service means eliminating the bullshit. This means answering the question that was asked and not asking irrelevant questions. If a customer asks where can I find X, the answer shouldn’t be: Give me your name, address and phone number. The answer may not even involve going into the customer's account. Instead, they may simply need a list of how to do something, which can easily be spelled out in words or in text via a chat.

In a recent conversation with Xfinity, I asked how to look up a ticket number. This is an approximation of how the conversation went. 

Me: I need to look up a ticket number. How do I do that?

Them: I am so glad you contacted me. How can I help you?

Why do I have to repeat myself? Is this a flaw with the system, or is this the agent diliberately ignoring the question?

Me: I need to look up a ticket number. How do I do that?

Them: Of course, I’d be happy to help you. Give me your name, phone number and full address.

This is not a question that requires this information.  I need to know where the ticket number lookup is.

Me: How do I look up a ticket number?

Them: Can I have your name, phone number and full address.

Me: How do I look up a ticket number?

Them: Give me your name, phone number and full address.

Me: I just need to know how to look up a ticket number!

The agent is deliberately not providing the information. This is incredible.  At this point, it is headdesk-worthy. We're going to ask again because I want this agent to answer my question and learn something about the communication process.

Them: Give me your name, phone number and full address.

Me: How do I look up a ticket number!?

Them: Give me your name, phone number and full address.

Me: How do I look up a ticket number?????????

The agent is definately not learning anything. The question is still not answered.

Them: Give me your name, phone number and full address.

Me: Can I just get this question answered? How do I look up a ticket number?

Them: Give me your name, phone number and full address.

Me: Finally gives them the requested information and asks again – How do I look up a ticket number?

Them: I’d be happy to help you. Can I ask what the ticket is in regards to?

OMFG. I’m 20 minutes into this conversation and can’t get a straight answer. In fact, I never got my question answered. This is the type of question that does not need account information. It needs a list of how to do the thing that was asked. If there is no way for a customer to look up the required information then that needs to be stated clearly, and the agent needs to move on to getting the request handled, and that MAY require account information.

5. Deliberately Provide the Wrong Answer

Do not give customers the correct answer to their questions or offer a canned response. Listen to the question or request and provide the information the customer wants. If that information is unavailable or confidential, say that.

Here’s another Xfinity Example. 

After fighting with the automated system and the chat options on January 6th in order to upgrade my services, I eventually went back to the chat.

Me: I need the phone number for a customer service agent.

Them: Can I have your information?

Me: I just need the phone number for a customer service agent. No automated menu. No hold time because I’ve already been trying to upgrade my account for over an hour.

Them: I’d be happy to help you. Can I have your information? 

Here we go again. They can’t answer a simple question. 

Me: I finally provide the account information that they do not need in order to answer my question. Then, I ask again – Can I get the direct line to a customer service representative?

Them: I can help you upgrade your services.

Keep in mnd that I am asking a specific question.  I want that question answered, and I want out of the chat with the correct information.

Me: I’d just like the direct line to a customer service agent!

Them: I’d be happy to help you. What services did you want to change?

Me: *bangs head on desk repeatedly* Can I just get the direct line to a customer service agent. I’d like to talk to someone.

Them: You are talking to me, and I’d be happy to help you.

I'm just shaking my head at this point, and I can feel my bloodpressure rising.

Me: Could you answer my question?

Them: Here’s a number

Me: This is a direct line?

Them: Yes

Me: Dials the number and hears Welcome to Xfinity. I am looking up your address.

This the automated menu. This is the wrong number! Does the obligatory ten minutes with the automated menu. Your hold time is 65 minutes. And I ended the chat after receiving the wrong information.

6. Lie to Your Customers

When dealing with customers always provide truthful information and never lie. If you lie, your customers will eventually find out that you lied. In my example, I never did get those services updated and upgraded, but once I got to a live agent on the phone after 3 hours, I did request a full month credit due to all the hassle I had received. To my surprise, the agent agreed and gave me a $160 credit that should have been applied within a few days to a couple weeks, depending on billing cycles. 

After several days of not seeing the credit, I inquired about it. No information was available. I provided the ticket number. There was no such ticket number. Okay, I’ll call back the beginning of February, which I did. The first follow-up was the middle of January. When I still had not received my credit, I called back on Feb. 2. 

After much back and forth, the end result was that the agent lied, and even if they reviewed the phone conversation and found that I was promised a $160 credit, they would not honor it. This is lying. This is the worse customer service you can actually give. The correct response to finding out that a company has deliberately lied to you and will not honor their agreements is to cancel all services and never buy a product from them again. I live in semi-rural location. I actually have to move in order to get rid of all the services I have from Comcast, but I can cancel half of them right now. 

Needless to say, if you create a bad customer service experience, you will lose customers. In most instances, the company will see a drop in revenue immediately. Other companies are more fortunate because they have a monopoly or a near-monopoly and may not see the decreases right way. However, I can tell you this, if I provided my customers with this type of customer service experience, I would be out of business very quickly. And if you're wondering how this all started, I wanted to upgrade my services. Because of the terrible customer service, I'll be downgrading.

In this digital age, it can be difficult to determine what to do with all those buy my shit emails from email lists you didn’t sign up for and companies you’ve never heard of. Conventional wisdom says to just send them to your Spam email folder and forget about them, but sometimes that isn’t enough to provide the deep satisfaction we all need when dealing with irrelevant and unwanted communications. In these instances, consider composting them.

1. Print Out Your Unwanted Emails

The first step to composting your unwanted emails is to print them out. I recommend the draft setting. There’s no reason to waste more ink than you need. After all, we’re not going to read them, we’re going to let these letters give us beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. To ensure your compost is as organic as possible, I’m hoping you have all-natural paper in your printer and organically manufactured vegetable-based ink.

 (Sponsored by Amazon)

2. Tear the Emails into Bits

Once you’ve printed out all those buy my shit emails, tear them into bits. They can be as small or large as you like. Just make sure all the corners are really jagged. It helps with the composting process. This step is also very mentally and spiritually satisfying to watch these perfectly crafted, well-researched, SEO friendly emails being destroyed rip by beautiful rip. You can also envision the decrease in the various companies’ bank accounts as they paid for all those email lists so that they could send spam to unwitting individuals and other businesses.

3. Take the Bits Out to Your Composting Pile

Next, walk out to your composting pile filled with animal shit, food bits, scraps of meat, vegetable rinds, yard trimming and other organic waste. Dump the email bits onto the top of the composting pile. Make sure to get them all over that stinky shit pile until every bit of paper is covered in nasty goo and unmentionable grossness.

4. Stir Your Compost Pile

To ensure even decay and to stop methane gas from building up within the pile and potentially causing an explosion, stir your pile with a large pitchfork or heavy-duty iron rake. Make sure to get your pile thoroughly mixed so that it evenly decays and turns into beautiful, rich organic fertilizer.

5. Add the Compost to Your Flower Beds and Vegetable Gardens

Once the compost is ready, spread it evenly over your flower beds, around your bushes and trees and even in your herb and vegetable gardens. As the compost sits atop your soil, it will feed your plants, helping them become strong, beautiful and even delicious. 

By following these ingenious tips, you can turn those unwanted business emails into beautiful plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs. They don’t have to waste away in your spam box. You can turn them into something productive that you’ll enjoy every day!


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Blooddoll1FullCoverADTHE BLOODDOLL FACTORY Kindle Edition

An unemployed male nurse lands a job at a reproductive clinic only to learn the babies he is helping to create are being sold to the local vampire population.​

After being unemployed for a year, William finally receives a call to come into Elite Surrogates and Adoption (ESA) for an interview. The sterile white interior does nothing for his confidence as he’s led to Sadie Jones' (HR manager’s) office where she proceeds to question him about his job experience and reproductive knowledge. 

It all goes well in this paranormal medical erotic romance until William realizes that he’s going to have to “perform” for the job. Fifty dollars an hour would help him catch up on his mortgage and get his wife to stop nagging him about the bills. However, using his own semen to propagate the reproductive cycle is more than a little weird. After considering the job and the busty HR manager, he agrees to continue the interview.







If you have fewer than 5,000 followers or are stuck with 4,999 followers and unable to add more to your Following list, you may be wondering why. Part of Twitter’s algorithm to stop spammers and scammers (and be annoying to real accounts) is to limit the number of people you can follow. The first part of this code that most people notice is the 5,000 follower limit. This means that if you are following 5,000 people and 5,000 people are not following you, Twitter will tell you that you cannot follow any more accounts.

The 5,000 Follower Limit

Twitter allows all accounts the ability to follow as many other accounts as they wish up to 5,000. Of course, this is not all-inclusive. Twitter also put a limit on the number of accounts you can follow each day. That limit is 400. This means that if you are going out and finding 400 accounts to follow each day, you would hit the 5,000 follower Twitter limit in 12.5 days.

Once you are following 5,000 accounts, you will not be able to follow more accounts until the people following you reach 5,000.

For Example: 

Let’s say you’ve busted your butt and added 5,000 people to your Following list in 30 days. That’s an average of 167 accounts a day, which is perfectly doable with a little time and effort. Now, for all your effort, 1,500 of those accounts are following you, which is pretty standard. You can expect about 1/3rd of the accounts you follow to follow you back. Unfortunately, you’re stuck until 5,000 accounts follow you. This means that if the other 3,500 accounts never follow you back, you’ll be stuck at 5,000 for eternity.

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Getting Rid of the Gap

In order to follow more accounts, you’re going to have to remove accounts, because *drum roll* you have to get the people who are following you to 5,000 in order to go beyond 5,000. It’s important to understand that no one really wants to remove any accounts from their lists, but it must be done due to the limitations placed on accounts by Twitter’s algorithms.

1. Get Rid of Celebrity Accounts, News Channels and Sports Accounts

When you first arrive on Twitter, Twitter typically recommends following big accounts, like celebrities, musicians, personalities, politicians, new channels, etc. Get rid of them. These accounts are mostly unmanned or they’re managed by a team of people or a third party company that does nothing but manage social media accounts for celebrities and high profile people. Just get rid of all these accounts right now. They will never follow you back. They will never like your posts or comment. There’s no reason to follow these accounts. If you are really truly interested in what some of these accounts are saying, you can add them to a list and check that list periodically for updates.

2. Get Rid of Your Unfollowers 

The second easiest way to clean up your Following list is to get rid of people who have unfollowed you. This means either you followed them or they followed you and you followed back, and the account unfollowed you at a later date. These types of accounts have proven that they do not want to interact with you. They’re not seeing your posts, and they’re not contributing or talking to you. Get rid of them. The best program I’ve found to get rid of unfollowers is WhoUnfollowedMe. They have a free option, and while it does contain limitations, it’s fantastic for quickly finding and removing unfollowers. However, you should never unfollow people from any 3rd party Twitter app. You should always unfollow accounts directly on Twitter. This is because using a 3rd party app for Twitter actions can result in your account getting suspended because it trips Twitter’s BOT code. 

3. Get Rid of Your Not Followers (Also sometimes referred to as non-followers)

Not Followers or non-followers are people who you have followed but have not followed you back. This is the third type of account you need to clear in order to reduce the number of accounts you are following below 5,000 so that you can follow more accounts that may follow you back. The best app I have found for this is UnfollowerStats. This program allows you to locate your not followers and remove them from oldest to newest. Under no circumstances, should you open your following list and start removing people from the top down. Those accounts located at the top of your following list are the ones you just added, and they may not have had time to review the people following them and add the real accounts. You should really give the new accounts you follow anywhere from two to four weeks to add you. 

4. Create Lists

If you really hate the idea of using third party apps to find and remove unfollowers and people who have not followed you back, you can use Twitter’s List function to help you. Every day you follow you people, you can add them to a list. I would recommend naming that list according to the month and day of the month.

For Example: 

If you are adding new people today (on the day this post was written), you’d name your list December16. Then, you would add an account then add that account to your list. The advantage of this method is that you will know the exact date you added specific accounts, and you will know how many accounts you added. The downside is that this is very time-consuming. However, once you have your list, wait 14 to 30 days. Then, go back through the list and unfollow all the accounts that didn’t follow you back and delete the list. As a reminder, you want to make lists of this nature PRIVATE. No one wants to know that they are being added to a list for this purpose.


 (Sponsored by Amazon)

Follow Limits After 5,000 Followers

Once you crest 5,000 followers, you will encounter the 10 percent limit. This limit means that you can only follow 10 percent more people than are following you. 

For Example:

If you have 5,000 followers, you can add up to 5,500 people to your Following List. If you have 10,000 people following you, you can add more people until you are following 11,000 accounts.

Of course, the 10 percent limitation means that you’ll still have to track your unfollowers and not followers if you want to keep expanding the reach of your account. Since this is time-consuming, you may not want to do it all the time. For that reason, I recommend setting some time aside every week, every two weeks or once a month to clear unfollowers and not followers.

I do want to stress that no one really wants to do this. We follow accounts because we like them or they provide value in the content they post. Unfortunately, Twitter has eliminated the option of being able to follow as many accounts as you wish, regardless of who is following you back. It is a necessary evil if you want to keep expanding the reach of your Twitter account.



The First Five Drafts: Prevent Over-Editing and Get Your Novel Done Faster with the Five Draft Method (SC Writing Book 1) Kindle Edition

This is the no-fluff, serious writer's guide to getting your novel started, edited and finished.

The five draft method is designed to help you reduce your chances of over-editing, which can stall your writing process and cause you to either never deem your novel finished or ruin it in any number of ways, including inputting too many slow sections, taking out all the interesting details and doing too much ‘showing’ versus ‘telling’.

In this writer's self-help book, you will learn how to write your first draft and revise your manuscript to the point where it's ready for self-publication or submission to agents and/or publishers.

The Five Draft Method

Draft 1: The Junk Draft 
Draft 2: The Structuring Draft 
Draft 3: The Rough Draft 
Draft 4: The Analytical Draft
Draft 5: Final Draft 

Plus! Proofreading for Publication


Write Your Novel Notebook (SC Writing)

Are you ready to write your novel? Are you looking for a journal or notebook that can help you get it done? If you answered yes, the Write Your Novel Notebook may be the notebook you've been waiting for.

Notebook Highlights

20 Chapters

20 pages per chapter

Add notes and other information at the end of each chapter

Pages to add additional notes at the end of this notebook

400+ lined pages for all your fiction writing fun

This notebook starts by allowing you to write down the date you started and the date you finished your manuscript, the title of your work in progress, the subtitle and your name. Next, answer a few basic questions, including:Why are you writing this novel?Why will this novel appeal to readers?What genre is this novel?What is your estimate of the finished word count?Add any additional notes!!!

Do you love Twitter and your followers, but aren’t sure how to interact with them in order to be considered a great Twitter friend? You’re not alone! Many individuals, authors, businesses and casual accounts have no idea what’s needed in order to be a great Twitter friend and increase the engagements with their accounts.

1. Like It

One of the easiest things you can do to engage with your followers is to like their posts. To me, a like either indicates the person really did like it, or they read it. Either way, a like is good, and it takes less than a second. If you’re wondering if likes really matter, they do. I know who regularly likes my posts. Eventually, those names become ingrained in your head, and when people think about other accounts to mention or shout-out, the liking accounts are usually first to be mentioned because they’re the first ones that come to mind.

2. Retweet It

It the post is interesting or informational or you identify with it, retweet it. Retweets can be a simple button click or more in-depth with a personal comment from you. The good news about commenting on a retweet is that you’ll also see the image impressions, likes and retweets of that post on your feed.

 (Sponsored by Amazon)

3. Mention Accounts You Love

It’s all about the shoutouts and writers' lifts and mentions. If you really love an account and find them extremely entertaining or useful, mention them. These mentions can be done at any time during the week, or you can participate in #followfriday. No matter how you do it, mentioning a list of great people to follow gets you noticed.

4. Post Interesting Things

Post interesting things that others may also like. This can be your own articles from your website, other people’s website articles or things you are working on. Some accounts also ask questions and post polls. What you need to do is figure out why people follow you and what makes you interesting or unique. Then, do what makes you great. For me, it’s posting informative and/or entertaining articles. For you, it might be posting random polls, asking questions on certain topics or posting about the crazy things that happened to you during the day.

5. Limit Your Complaining

Social media, including Twitter, are the anonymous ears no one ever gives you in real life. I understand. I also understand that life is hard. People can be difficult, and things don’t always go your way. Trust, me. I’m one of those people where if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. However, I almost never complain, or at least, my interesting posts outweigh my rants and raves about things that are pissing me off.

It also goes without saying that is all you ever post are complaints and gripes, you are going to lose engagement and potentially followers, and other accounts may also choose to mute you, which means unless they click on over to your profile, you’ll disappear from their view. The bottom line. No one wants to hear you complain 24 hours a day, nor do they want to get notifications about your complaints on their cell phones and tablets. Instead of complaining, focus on talking about your projects or posting things that other people may find interesting.

 (Sponsored by Amazon)

Being a great Twitter friend doesn't have to take hours, and it doesn't have to mean leaving a comment or talking for hours when you should really be doing something else. Instead, it’s simply being mindful, engaging where appropriate and remembering that you are just as interesting as all the other people on Twitter.



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Blooddoll2FrontCover01THE BLOODDOLL FACTORY II Kindle Edition


William Wilson is torn as a new clinic director (Kane Devonshire) takes over ESA and continues to sell babies as vampire food. While William doesn’t believe the vampire is worse than Blackwell, his Bonded just might be. The violent redhead has been known to attack every human she encounters. She’s unpredictable, dangerous and might just have to be put down along with Kane. 








 (Sponsored by Amazon)

I am sad to say that I have, but it wasn’t because of any Internet search related to what they do or crossing their path on social media. Instead, their emails started showing up in my inbox and not my business email inbox. They started showing up in the email address I use for social media. In fact, until I started getting their emails, I had no idea they existed, and today, I still wish I didn’t know they existed.

Unscrupulously Collecting Emails

I’m not a huge fan of email lists as you all probably know. However, I know that some people wish to receive email updates about websites and other things they are interested in, like their favorite authors. For that reason, I have an email signup on this website. What I don’t do is go out and collect email addresses, and signing up for an account on doesn’t automatically result in getting email updates. Though, I could input that feature in the future. I don’t do it right now. What I refuse to do is gather email addresses randomly. I believe this is what Social Cruise did. Scoured social media for email addresses then added them to an email list. This tactic is highly frowned upon. As is buying email lists. In fact, if you can buy an email list, you are guaranteed that list is trash.

There’s no Unsubscribe in their emails, and if there were, I doubt I’d click on it. What I did do was tell them directly to remove me from the list. They did not. They also use many different email addresses and several different versions of their website address to get around spam filters and site blocks. It took me many weeks to get all of their emails to appear in my spam folder, and they appear there. They still, many weeks later, haven’t removed me. I got an email 5 hours ago and 9 hours ago. I was found them cause I was looking for something else that may have gone to spam. This type of business practice doesn’t fill me with confidence, and keep in mind. I never signed up with them. I have never visited their website prior to getting those emails, and when I did, it was simply to see if they had an unsubscribe somewhere on the site. They do not.

What do they supposedly do? Get more Instagram followers. I don’t know if they’ve heard but Instagram is a PITA. It’s the only social media website I know of that hates its users, and it pretty much hates any 3rd party software that connects to it, including autoschedulers. I should know. They block me about every 3rd day, and I know authors that have been blocked for liking and commenting too much. So much for engagement.

So What Else Did I Find Out About Social Cruise After Getting Pissed Tonight?

They are bad bad news. Far worse than I really imagined. As many reviewers have stated, they’re real close to being fraud, and I would suspect if these stories are true, they are fraud.

This is from CyberCashWorldWide. The first post is from a guy who calls himself Steven:

They continued to charge me and never responded to requests for cancellation. They are a horrible company with a terrible lack of customer service. The chat they offer on their website never acknowledges anything other than to say they will refer the matter to accounting. Stay away from this company. They do nothing but steal from their customers refusing to stop billing the client’s card long after the cancellation request. A CLASS ACTION Lawsuit should be initiated.

I am also going to setup a complains site about them and post the reviews to everywhere on line. Social Cruise is a horrible thieving company that never delivers on what it promises. Read their terms and conditions, the last 4 paragraphs are basically; we screw the client and we decide if and when we ever give a refund even when they double charge!”

There are 10 or 15 of these posts that say that the trial period is not honored. They don’t refund any money, and they keep charging you after you request to cancel the account. If you sign up with Social Cruise, you’ll be fighting the charges via your CC or your bank card.

On Quora:

You have to scroll a little bit, but eventually, you’ll see:

IT’S A SCAM! After seeing zero new followers or even interactions in 14 days I asked the supportperson to cancel my subscription. After a very long chat where she tried her best at getting me to upgrade instead of cancelling, I was told that they’d cancel as agreed.

6 days later they still hadn’t cancelled and instead I was charged for the subscription.

I wrote them right away and after some initial confussion on whether I had a subscription, I was told that NOW it was cancelled and that she’d make sure I was given a refund.

Can you guys guess what happened 7 days later?? That’s right, I was charged once again and to no big surprise, the support are no longer answering”


There are several more on Quora that sound a lot like the above post.

Signal Arnaques also lists SocialCruise as a potential scam, and there are several negative reviews regarding individuals credit cards being charged long after they requested their accounts canceled and closed.

I would not touch SocialCruise with a 10 foot pole, and if you’ve been contacted by them, please send their emails to spam and forget they exist. If you've had dealings with this company, please comment.  Some of the stuff I read indicated that Social Cruise also harasses review websites that don't post glowing reviews of their services.

Oh boy. Oh boy. You’ve found yourself in a pickle. You need money and you need it now. In fact, you need it so desperately that you are hitting up everyone you can find on every social media site you can find. Your sick uncle needs $3,000 for an emergency surgery. You’re an author who just published a book, and your username ends in 44568685628966996, and you just don’t know how to get the money for your next book (seriously, this author thing just happened to me). Not to mention, your home just flooded, your roof fell in and you feel a front yard sinkhole coming on! Wait!? That didn’t impress anyone? Well, shit. In that case, I guess you forgot to mention your sick kid who’s life is in jeopardy due to a mysterious illness that you can’t name, but it also requires traveling to a foreign country to receive an experimental surgery, and you just don’t know what you can do about it! So!!! OMG . . You hit up every stranger on the Internet and try to think of the worst possible stories you can tell them.

I’ve Got a Solution for You!!!!!!

You can work for it! My first amazing, astonishing, can’t fail recommendation is to drum roll GET A JOB! Oh, but you don’t want a job. Okay. That's super fine. I have a rich Alaskan uncle that's not too bright, but he does have a huge house and a pile of cash from investing in Viagra when they still thought it'd make a good heart medicine. He's got so much money that he has no idea what to do with it. The only problem is that you'll have to travel for it. He doesn't have the Internet, and his phone only works intermittently - when he remembers to charge his phone and the satellite. However, if you manage to call and don't get an answer, just keep trying! Eventually, he will answer. Oh, but you'll need to speak loudly. He's a little hard of hearing since the freak bear, viagra and gasoline incident. And you may be stuck on the phone for quite a while while he talks to you about the benefits of viagra and how it's changed his life. I'd recommend getting at least a $500 prepaid phone card before you call. He really really really likes to talk about Viagra and all the benefits and how he's experienced each one personally.

First Step

You’ll need to travel to my long lost rich uncle’s location. This will require unpaid travel via airline. We estimate the airplane tickets for the round-trip will be $5,000. No food or lodging will be provided on your journey, so you’ll need to make arrangements for places to stay. We estimate that this will cost in the range of $200 to $300 a day. Estimate that you’ll be traveling for about a week. 

Once you land at the major airport of your choice, you will need to take a Grey Hound bus to the nearest Canadian border. From there, you will travel via horseback through the Canadian wilderness. Please hire a guide. The animals will eat you. 

From the Canadian border, you will travel to Alaska. Bring a coat! Oh, and extra shoes. Some of the terrain is so rough you’ll have to walk and lead the horses. These include mud pits and rivers. If you get lost, you’ll have to climb a tree to get your bearings. I guess I should mention that you’ll also need rope. I wouldn’t want you to fall out of the tree.

Once you get to the Alaskan border, you’ll need to travel further north along the river. Then, there’s a big oak tree about 200 miles north of the Alaska border, turn right. Bring a compass. you’ll be traveling due east. You’ll need to count your steps at this point. I hope your gait is about 18 inches. It’s 465 steps East, then, turn left until you are once again traveling North. You’ll walk about 1,295 steps North. Then, you’ll see a big rock. If you do not see the big rock, you’ll have to turn around and look for the yellow flag. Since the bears tend to play with it, it may be torn or on the ground. If the bear is still playing with it, leave the bear alone. Instead, estimate how many steps away from the bear you are, then subtract them from 50. If the bear is not playing with the yellow flag, walk to the yellow flag. Then, walk about 50 steps to the north. 

At that point, you should find the rock. Next, turn left until you are headed West. Walk another 3,000 steps. At that point, you should see the trail that leads to my great uncle's Alaskan mansion. It’s about three miles long, and it should be muddy if it’s summer. If it’s winter, it will be frozen. Don’t get off the trail. There are wolverines and mountain lions and other creatures you shouldn’t really mess with.

Second Step

I hope you brought your muscles! When my rich ole uncle puts you to work, he really puts you to work. Also, you can’t be afraid of heights. One of the first things he likes his new employees to do it to check the condition of the roof. This requires climbing the old Oak tree on the back right corner of the house. Once you climb the tree to the lowest thick branch, you’ll need to shimmy across. Don’t worry if the tree branch seems too high for the three-story house. As you climb along it, the branch will get lower. Also, hopefully, you lost some weight on your journey. You must weigh 150 or less to shimmy across the branch. We used to say 200 pounds, but the branch started to crack last season. We’re not sure how much longer it’ll hold out.

As the branch slowly lowers, you’ll be able to touch down on the roof. Next, walk across the roof and look for areas of rust or discoloration or missing paint. If you see any of that, you’ll yell down the chimney pipe to my uncle. The pipe is large enough that he’ll toss you a rope. Due to the nature of chimneys, he can’t have the rope hanging down the chimney all the time. Fire risk.

Anyway. After several failed throws, you’ll eventually be able to catch the rope. From there, you’ll wrap it around the steel bar located next to the chimney. He will attach a 50 pound cast iron kettle to the rope. Then, he’ll load the supplies into the kettle. You’ll have to hoist it up. Since my uncle is a fantastic packer, that kettle can weigh up to 150 pounds.

You’ll need to complete any needed repairs once you have the supplies. If you need more supplies, you’ll have to lower the kettle and yell down the chimney to my uncle.

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The Daily Various Tasks

Anyway, as I said before, my uncle really thinks a lot of hard workers, and you’ll have to prove it. After you finish with the roof and miraculously make it off alive, you’ll probably get a choice in what you do next. Unfortunately, none of it is eat or sleep.

  • Clean out the Chicken Coops – There are 200 chickens and they all shit all the time.
  • Muck out the horse stalls – There are 10 horses and they all shit all the time.
  • Feed the pigs – You don’t wanna know what’s in the pig pen. Don’t ask.
  • Catch tonight’s dinner – The good news is that everything is super fresh. The bad news is that you saw it when it was alive. Once you catch dinner, you’ll have to process it in the barn. The good news is that my uncle will show you how. The bad news is that you are gonna do it while he explains.
  • Any Other Seemingly Horrible Task He Asks You to Complete – This could be anything. I hope you’re handy.

The Outhouse

There’s no indoor toilet at my uncle's house. He doesn’t believe in having human waste in the house where you eat and sleep. The outhouse is located about 30 feet from the back door. It is unheated, and depending on when his last worker left, you’ll have to dig a new one. Since he’s been there about 20 years, there are several previous outhouse holes, and he forgot to mark most of them. A good rule of thumb is to look at the current outhouse and walk 20 steps in either direction. If you accidentally dig into an old waste pit, don’t feel bad. We’ve all done it. You just fill the hole back in and keep walking. Eventually, you’ll find a spot that wasn’t previously used as a shithole.

Once you finish digging the new shithole, I recommend taking a shower. It is an outdoor shower and it’s hit or miss as to whether or not it got hot enough to heat the hot water tank located about 30 feet above the shower stall. There is a privacy curtain, and if you yell loud enough, my uncle will get you a ratty towel. I’m sure the towel has been washed, but uhh . .where he might have stored it is another story. The good news is that he’ll give you the opportunity to buy toiletries and other personal items from his general store if you forgot to bring them with you on your journey.

Oh, he pays $7.50 an hour, and he thinks that’s damned generous. He estimates at 15 hours a day at $7,50 an hour, you’ll break even for your journey after about three months or between 88 and 90 days. After that, you’ll be able to earn the money you need to get the things you were asking about on the internet. However, since you have to travel back, expect to spend another $10,000, so this means you’ll have to budget for your return trip home. We expect this will take you about a year. If you need extra food or blankets, he recommends getting or making those items yourself. He does have a trash pile . . er extra supplies pile just beyond the outhouse. We’re pretty sure that the ground under the pile has never been used as a shithole, but we really don’t know. Anyway, you are free to raid the pile as needed. He also has a general store, and while he does sell supplies, everything you buy will mean more time spent at the rich ole uncle’s Alaskan estate. His general store isn’t cheap. Anyway, good luck. His number is 555-664-3825. (Hint: there is no area code 555 in the US. Please use your phone to decipher the message in the remaining numbers)



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Blooddoll1FullCoverADTHE BLOODDOLL FACTORY Kindle Edition

An unemployed male nurse lands a job at a reproductive clinic only to learn the babies he is helping to create are being sold to the local vampire population.​

After being unemployed for a year, William finally receives a call to come into Elite Surrogates and Adoption (ESA) for an interview. The sterile white interior does nothing for his confidence as he’s led to Sadie Jones' (HR manager’s) office where she proceeds to question him about his job experience and reproductive knowledge. 

It all goes well in this paranormal medical erotic romance until William realizes that he’s going to have to “perform” for the job. Fifty dollars an hour would help him catch up on his mortgage and get his wife to stop nagging him about the bills. However, using his own semen to propagate the reproductive cycle is more than a little weird. After considering the job and the busty HR manager, he agrees to continue the interview.


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If you're a freelancer and you haven’t heard about article lengths according to the main SEO keyword, don’t feel bad. I just heard about this a few weeks ago, and my reaction was probably pretty close to what yours is right now. What the hell is that, and you have got to be kidding me! After all, as freelancers, we want to turn out high-quality web content and promotional and informative articles that cover the topic in however many words it takes to get the job done properly. The best-case scenario is that the client gave a word count range that allows that to happen. In the worst-case scenarios, the word count isn’t long enough and important pieces have to be cut, or the word count is too long and fluff has to be added. Unfortunately, the new trend is to base an article-length off of the main SEO keyword.

Understanding the Relationship Between SEO Keywords and Article Lengths

Like with most things SEO related, this is an estimate. The client, blogger or writer looks for sets of SEO keywords. Then, the individual does his or her best to try to determine the most common article length that includes that keyword.

For Example:

Let’s say you’ve chosen the keyword Back Pain. Once you know that’s the keyword you want to focus on in your article, you try to determine the average word count lengths of the articles that are currently posted online. Then, you attempt to make your new back pain article that length, neither going under that word count or significantly over it.

Why Article Length According to SEO Keyword Is Now a Thing

It’s all about beating that Google Algorithm and fast-tracking a website to the top of the search engine results, and this is a metric in the Google Algorithm. In order to show you the best possible results, somewhere in that algorithm is a piece of code that ranks results according to the article length of everything else that’s out there. Presumably, if you can manage to calculate the word counts of the most popular articles according to X keyword, you’ll rank higher in the search engine results.

Why Would You Rank Higher in Google with a Longer Article?

The assumption here is that a longer article has more valuable information in it, and for the most part, that’s true, if your hired writer stuck to the topic. The idea is that with the longer article, the writer dug deeper into the topic, and there are details included in the long-form article or blog post that don’t exist in the shorter pieces.

For Example:

Most of the articles on range between 800 and 1,500 words and are written to be extremely informative and actionable. I wouldn’t be able to do that with shorter pieces in the 300 to 500-word range. If you’re curious about where I rank, according to Google, I show up on page 4 in most search engine results in my industry. That’s nothing to sneeze at, so I must be doing something right to spite never having calculated my article-length according to my keyword.

How do You Calculate Article Length According to Keyword

This is where it gets messy. I have yet to see a keyword finding with a metric for average article length. If this particular thing catches on widely, they’ll start appearing. You can bet your wallet on it. However, it all has to be done manually as of this moment.

Find Your Keyword and Estimate the Word Count

The first thing you have to do is determine your preferred keyword. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to use ‘Reasons to Remodel Your Home’. That’s a topic and a long-tail keyword. To calculate the word count range, I have to plug that in and pull the first 5 or 10 results. I’m going to pull the first 5, regardless of whether or not it’s from an authoritative website, copy the text into my word processor and look at the word count. For the record, I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine, not Google. I feel like their results are more accurate. With that being said, the first result was from a mommy blog. As a freelancer, I’m never going to use that as a source.

  • Article 1 – 563 Words, and in my opinion, the topic was not covered well

  • Article 2 – 769 Words with slightly more information than in the top ranking article

  • Article 3 – 1,369 Words with highly detailed information

  • Article 4 – 804 Words result is off-topic, reasons to NOT remodel your home

  • Article 5 – 879 Words, nonstandard reasons listed, mostly detailed financials

As you can see here, the word count ranges from 550 to 1,400 with an average word count of 877. Using just the SEO keyword versus article-length metric, you would need to have your freelancer create an article on this topic of between 800 and 900 words. If you wanted a higher word count and a more detailed article, the maximum ranges would be 1,000 to 1,400.

What Is the Current Article Trend?

The current overall article trend is for longer posts. This means that very few companies are opting to get content in the 300 to 500-word range. Instead, they are looking for content in the 800 to 1,500-word range, which is mostly illustrated here in the fact that only one of these articles is at 500 words.

The Cost Considerations When Thinking About Ordering Longer SEO Content

If you’re looking for a freelance writer to write your blog posts and articles, longer word counts mean more money. Prices for freelancers can range from less than a penny a word to $2 a word. The prices here start at .35 cents a word with decreases according to how much content is ordered, which is pretty average for an experienced freelancer.

Lowest to Most Expensive Prices

It’s important to understand that the lowest prices are often found on content mills, which are where new freelancers and individuals getting into freelancing typically start. The higher amounts are for independent freelancers with decades of experience.

  • 300 to 500 Words - $2.10 to $1,000 per article

  • 500 to 800 Words - $3.50 to $1,600 per article

  • 800 to 1,000 - $5,60 to $2,000 per article

  • 1,000 to 1,500 - $7.00 to $3,000 per article

Midrange Prices

Most independent freelancers call within these ranges for their posted prices on website content, if they post prices on their websites. Most independent freelancers want you to contact them for a quote.

  • 300 to 500 Words - $105 to $500 per article

  • 500 to 800 Words - $175 to $800 per article

  • 800 to 1,000 - $280 to $1,000 per article

  • 1,000 to 1,500 - $350 to $1,500 per article

Should You Use the Article Length According to SEO Keyword Method?

That is up to you. If you feel like this would help you rank higher on search engines, you can certainly try this method. If you want an estimate for a good article length, I would recommend 700 to 1,000 words. That word count will typically cover almost any topic so that it provides value to your readers and website visitors.

Article Stats According to This Method

  • What word count was this post? 1,237

  • What’s the long tail SEO keyword? Article Length According to SEO Keyword

  • What’s the average word count of similar posts? 1317

  • Did I do any of this method prior to writing this article? No, I checked it after the fact

  • The average cost of getting a similar article written. $433.00

  • The most expensive price you’d pay for this article. $2,474

  • The least expensive price you’d pay for this article. $8.66

  • The quality of existing articles/research on this topic. Thin and fluffy, slightly to completely off-topic. I didn’t find them extremely useful or fact-loaded for this metric. With that being said, I obviously found enough information to cover this topic.

  • Number of research articles used to write this. Six


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