Publishers Weekly is one of the better bestselling lists because they do go by number of units sold. Here, we have the top five bestselling romance books from mainstream authors, and they sold between 19,552 and 55,876 copies in October and November of 2019. The tenth book on the list, which was North to Alaska by Debbie Macomber sold 14,362 books. It currently ranks 41,812 in top selling Amazon books.


1. Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks sold 55,876 copies - Currently #2,909 in the paid kindle store

Hope Anderson is at a crossroads. At thirty-six, she's been dating her boyfriend, an orthopedic surgeon, for six years. With no wedding plans in sight, and her father recently diagnosed with ALS, she decides to use a week at her family's cottage in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, to ready the house for sale and mull over some difficult decisions about her future.

Tru Walls has never visited North Carolina but is summoned to Sunset Beach by a letter from a man claiming to be his father. A safari guide, born and raised in Zimbabwe, Tru hopes to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding his mother's early life and recapture memories lost with her death. When the two strangers cross paths, their connection is as electric as it is unfathomable . . . but in the immersive days that follow, their feelings for each other will give way to choices that pit family duty against personal happiness in devastating ways.

Illuminating life's heartbreaking regrets and enduring hope, EVERY BREATH explores the many facets of love that lay claim to our deepest loyalties--while asking the question, How long can a dream survive?


2. Running Scared by Lisa Jackson sold 29,750 copies - Currently 66,073 in the paid kindle store

 The newborn baby boy is beautiful, perfect, and hers for the asking. All Kate Summers has to do is agree to one condition—she must disappear from Boston and never breathe a word about the adoption to anyone.
Fifteen years later, Kate has built a good life for herself and her son, Jon, in Hopewell, Oregon. Still, she is haunted by the fear that he will somehow be taken away. Then Daegan O’Rourke arrives in town and strikes up a friendship with her and Jon. But Daegan has his own past to hide—one with shocking ties to hers.
Someone is watching Kate, watching her son, and is willing to go to any lengths to claim him. And the one man Kate is tempted to trust has dangerous secrets that could change her world forever. Soon the past Kate thought she could outrun will explode, unearthing a legacy of lies and treachery, and a fury powerful enough to kill . . .

3. The Perfect Match by Debbie Macomber sold 20,807 - Currently 105,554 in the paid kindle store

 Two classic romances of women discovering that the unlikely hero might be their perfect partner.


Physical therapist Joy Nielsen has never been daunted by the challenges of her career. And her latest patient, businessman Sloan Whittaker, isn’t going to change that, no matter how hard he’s making things. After a serious accident, he’s refusing to relearn how to walk. Joy is determined to make sure he recovers, and once he does, she’s prepared to move on to her next patient. There’s only one problem: after a soul-searing kiss, she doesn’t think she can get over him…


To all the world, Susan McKenzie, successful romance editor, seemed to be the perfect heroine. But there was one thing missing in her life, and that was the perfect hero. Then she met Dr. Adam Gallagher. He seemed to fit the role perfectly—surely together they would live happily ever after. But Adam didn’t seem to want to play the hero’s role. Aloof and somewhat mysterious, his professional detachment could drive any woman wild. Was he throwing a twist into Susan’s well-plotted life?


4. Christmas with You by Nora Roberts sold 19,859 copies - Currently 203,212 in Kindle paid books

 Feel the magic of the season in these two fan-favorite stories…

Gabriel’s Angel

All artist Gabriel Bradley wants is solitude. But when a very pregnant—and very beautiful—woman ends up at his remote cabin during a blizzard, desperate, alone and on the run, the modern-day Scrooge can’t bring himself to turn her away. Despite her intrusion, Laura Malone brings Gabriel the gifts of passion, hope and life—he just needs to find the courage to reach for them.

Home for Christmas

After years spent abroad, reporter Jason Law returns home determined to win back the heart of the girl he left behind. It’s going to take a Christmas miracle to convince Faith Monroe that he’s the man for her—but when it comes to love, forgiveness doesn’t come so easily. And he’s not the only one who’s made mistakes… Can Jason and Faith settle their past to find the future they always dreamed of in time for the holidays?

Previously Published.


5. A Winter’s Proposal by Sheryl Woods sold 19,552 copies - Currently 4,662 in the paid Kindle store

In White Pines, Texas, family comes first.

The Cowboy and His Baby

A year and a half ago, a tragic mistake cost single mother Melissa Horton her one true love—and a father for her baby girl. Now Texas rancher Cody Adams is back, shocked to discover he is a parent and determined to make Melissa his wife. But with newfound independence, Melissa has surprised herself—and him—by being unwilling to settle for a marriage of convenience. 

The Rancher and His Unexpected Daughter

Widower Harlan Adams has plenty of experience raising boys. But when a rebellious teenage girl steals his truck and goes for a joyride, Harlan is baffled. Then he confronts her intriguing, sassy mother, Janet Runningbear, and is totally thrown for a loop. While he might not know anything about girls, he thought he knew everything about women. Until Janet makes him realize he still has a lot to learn!


Worst Selling Romance Books on Amazon

Getting to the worst selling books on Amazon is more than a little challenging.  In order to arrived at a relatively small number so I could get to the back of the list I chose Romance then checked Workplace, Doctors and Kindle Unlimited Eligible.  That gave me 32 pages with 504 books, which I then sorted by Average customer review with the assumption that low selling books had low star level review or no reviews. There was no option to sort by bestseller.

5. HISTORICAL HEAT : 50 Stories of Forbidden Victorian Tales Kindle Edition - Currently ranks 1,049,302 for Victorian Historial Romance and Anthology

50 stories of those sizzling historical heat! Come and see what's in store for these unruly women... (There's only a one line description for this book even though it's 1,505 pages. It has 2 ratings.  1 is 5 star.  1 is 1 star, which give it an average star rating of 3.)







4. The Doctor's Thorough Exam (20 Stories Inside!) Kindle Edition - Current Amazon ranking in top paid books 26,107

The interesting thing about this book is that it actually has a really good store ranking, but it appeared 4 books to the end of my list. It does get 3 stars, and it is 630 pages. Thisone only has a partial 2 line description to describe those 630 pages.

We need to go a bit deeper still...

20 stories of those handsome doctors doing questionable deeds!





3. Sucking Good Times! (50 Stories of You Know What…) - Current amazon paid kindle rank 463,531

This is listed as a Romance anthology, but I would venture to guess that this is actually erotica. It getsw 2.5 stars with 5 ratings, and once again, there's just nothing in the description.

Good and deep!

50 stories inside to satisfy all those lustful cravings...




2. Gay Romance : First Time Checkup (MM First time Doctor Romance) - Current paid kindle store rank 419,434

This gets an average of 3 stars from five ratings.

“I knew it was wrong but I could not help myself, even after I left all I wanted was to go back. The way he touched me, the way he made me feel like a woman it was almost too much to bear.” 

Desmond was never comfortable in his own skin, but he was on the road to self-improvement. He had made an appointment at the doctor’s to assess his fitness level. When one of the nurses gives him a slight he was heartbroken. 

The good doctor sticks up for Desmond because it is the right thing to do, but more he is attracted to Desmond. This Alpha Male knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. 

His exam moves in a dangerous direction and now he is going to get it, Hard, Fast and without protection. 

1. Historical Heat! (20 Steamy Stories of Victorian and Western Romances) - paid kindle store rank 165,559

This book has 3 1 star ratings. Once again, this one just offers no description, and I would venture to guess that this one is also erotica sitting in the romance category.

20 Steamy Stories of Historical Romances!

Who doesn't love that strict passion from bygone eras? But prepared, the heat levels get pretty high in here!





Are the Worst Selling Books Actually the Worst?

There's no way these are the worse selling books in this category.  Only one of them was below a million, but you can look at these books and compare them to the top bestselling list. A lot of the books on the weorst selling list don't have descriptions.  There are also more anthologies/short storeis than full length novels.  Although, both lists contain anthologies. There's not really much difference in cover deisgn either.  Although, some of the worst selling covers appear to have blurry text or text that is difficult to read.  The reviews are certainly interesting on the worst selling books.  Writing and story telling ability seem to be the primary complaints.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the books on the last page should have had no reviews. Yet, that wasn't the case.  There were books with no reviews, but they were not the last 5 on page 32. There were also 1 star books that appeared higher in the results than the 3 star reviews that were in the last 5 books, so the sorting algorythm for Amazon isn't 100 percent reliable.


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Blooddoll1FullCoverADTHE BLOODDOLL FACTORY Kindle Edition

An unemployed male nurse lands a job at a reproductive clinic only to learn the babies he is helping to create are being sold to the local vampire population.​

After being unemployed for a year, William finally receives a call to come into Elite Surrogates and Adoption (ESA) for an interview. The sterile white interior does nothing for his confidence as he’s led to Sadie Jones' (HR manager’s) office where she proceeds to question him about his job experience and reproductive knowledge. 

It all goes well in this paranormal medical erotic romance until William realizes that he’s going to have to “perform” for the job. Fifty dollars an hour would help him catch up on his mortgage and get his wife to stop nagging him about the bills. However, using his own semen to propagate the reproductive cycle is more than a little weird. After considering the job and the busty HR manager, he agrees to continue the interview.





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