Understanding Erotic Literature


Erotica literature is composed of both factual and fictional based stories and memories of human sexual relations that could possibly have enough power to or are very much intended to sexually heighten a persons sexual interest while reading. These erotic reads as such, take on the form of novels, poetry, short stories, memoirs of true life, and sex how- to’s.

What is a regular feature of this type of genre is fantasies that are sexual, that talk about the not so normal subjects of gang bangs, prostitutes, orgy parties, homosexuality, sodomy, bestiality and many more taboo fetishes and subjects, where some authors may or may not express their thoughts in such an explicit tone. There are other common reasons, such as social criticism that authors are afraid to voice certain wants or thoughts because of this.

Erotic Literature in History


Despite the cultural differences on such things, the circulation of erotica books was not viewed as a major thing before the invention of actually printing out the material, the costs of printing individual manuscripts put a limit on distribution, meaning only a very small select group of readers could enjoy. When printing was invented in the 15th century, it brought along with it both a bigger market and way more restrictions than one can imagine. The invention of censoring and legal restraints on books being published on the grounds of being to obscene. Due to this, many of the productions of any of these type themed material became feared and kept a secret. 



Erotic Literature in the Renaissance and Romantic Eras

During the period of Renaissance, a lot of poems were not written to be published; instead, they just got circulated in form of manuscript to a limited number of readers. This was how the original way of William Shakespeare’s work got around to be circulated. William Shakespeare, who also wrote the Sonnets, Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece erotic poems. In the 18th century, after 1750, the Romantic era began, thats when the quality of mainstream slut writing was on decline. This brought sex written novels and literature to be driven out in the later years of the 18th century. They cut off imaginative, climaxing English literature making the secret literature of sex the more poverty stricken and considered more boring in European culture. 

Steamy novel writes often cause authors to write using pen names, or pseudonyms, for so many different reasons. Authors who are will do it to cross over genres and keep from changing the minds of their fans. Under a pen name, it can protect the author from being judged and the writer can be reborn safely.

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